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Kristen Stewart Calls Plastic Surgery 'Vandalism' & Mindy Kaling Calls Her Relationship With BJ Novak 'Weird As Hell'

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | May 8, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | May 8, 2015 |

Dustin tells us why ABC is the best broadcast network on television, and it’s hard to argue. Bravo for bold choices, ABC. (Uproxx)

I know this came out forever ago, but did we ever talk about the heinous photoshopping of the Pitch Perfect 2 poster? It’s definitely worth a rant. (Go Fug Yourself)

In the series I’m mentally writing about these Mad Max premiere pictures, Tom Hardy is definitely the Gotham detective who just stopped by to ask Jason Momoa a few questions. (Celebitchy)

Kristen Stewart says it might make her arrogant, but she doesn’t want to change anything about herself. She also says women who DO are “losing their minds.” (E!)

Mindy Kaling says she’s kind of a diva, but not a hairbrush-throwing diva. Yet. She also talks about her “weird as hell” relationship with BJ Novak. (People)

25-year-old Tyga, who the internet tells me is a rap-maker of some sort, wants to remind us that he is doing dirty old man things to a 17-year-old Jenner. Because since she’s stupidly rich enough to buy herself a house, she’s clearly an old soul or whatever. (DListed)

Please excuse the brief Kickstarter interruption, but I thought these adorable and imaginative mix-and-match stuffed animals (created by my awesome friend Hannah) might be right up a Pajiban’s alley. Mostly because I know you want a wolf-dragon hybrid for your Stark/Targaryen fanfic ‘shipping.

Cinesnark has put out an amazingly dense analysis of the Age of Ultron Black Widow criticisms that may have actually changed my mind here. I definitely hate her story line… less. (Cinesnark)

Hollywood will remake just about any movie from the 80s. …Oh, unless it starred a woman, I guess. (Film Experience)

Lost in Shangri-La is the true story of how an army airplane crashed in New Guinea during WWII and the survivors encountered Stone Age cannibalistic tribes in their quest for survival. Not to mention  the terrain, weather, injuries, gangrene, and the fact that Shangri-La was completely inaccessible to the outside world (unless your plane crashed over it). Cannonballer genericwhitegirl couldn’t put it down and says it’s "a definite recommend." (Cannonball Read 7)

Happy Friday! Here’s the sweetest boy in the world, who’s just so sorry for trying to destroy his hero in the name of candy.

After three small taps his mom knew this wasn't going to work. I mean, what would you do if you were told to destroy your favorite super hero?? lol <3 ^_^ O:)

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Monday, May 4, 2015

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