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Kristen Stewart Calls Non Feminists Ridiculous & Ernie Hudson Calls Female Ghostbusters Wrong

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | October 13, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | October 13, 2014 |

Will someone please tell Geraldo Rivera to stop doing this and posting proof to Twitter? And of course he had to try and get political at the same time. (DL)

Did you watch last night’s Walking Dead premiere? Dustin says he doesn’t care if Daryl is gay, but he has many other burning questions to discuss. (WG)

The dancing Groot toy is too adorable for words. My kid will want this for Christmas, but she’s gonna have to dust it herself. (TMS)

Ernie Hudson says “the fans” have absolutely no interest in seeing an all-female cast in Ghostbusters 3. Unless they’re sexy. Bustin’ makes Ernie feel good. (CB)

We’ve already heard how bloody excited Alex Winters is for Bill & Ted’s 3. Keanu Reeves has some thoughts too. He’s not entirely sold. Or perhaps he is, but Keanu is wyldly realistic about audience expectations. (CS)

A part of Sarah Jessica Parker still thinks she’s Carrie Bradshaw. (GFY)

Kristen Stewart stopped twitching long enough to say something smart about feminism. She’s also the alleged recipient of an Oscar push this year. This is a surprisingly decent interview from her. (DB)

This guy calls himself the “Railway Romeo” because he’s managed to score “around 500” dates while picking up chicks the NYC subway. What he doesn’t mention is whether these women have ever spoken to him again after one date. (Page Six)

Larry David finally responded to Jennifer Lawrence’s bizarre confession of “feeling it below the belt” for him. He’s very flattered but doesn’t think it would work out between them. Aww, JLaw. (VF)

Would superheroes make sh*tty husbands? Most of them, yes. Definitely Batman. He’d be a genuine, brooding pain in the ass. I think many of us are still secretly hoping for Captain America and/or Bucky Barnes to come pull a Jake Ryan for us. (Jezebel)

An Uncle Buck tv series is in the works. John Candy & John Hughes’ families do not approve of the project. (Slashfilm)

Katie Holmes fully brings it in the 2nd (and improved) trailer for Miss Meadows. I giggled when I heard the line about the world being a “a rotting cesspool of decay and mediocrity.” (Unreality)

Kanye West has revealed what makes his grumpy ass smile. (Uproxx)

A dwarf stripper got a bride pregnant on her hen night in Spain. Presumably, she had something to do with it and wasn’t completely shocked. (Telegraph)

These Bill Murray-inspired products are ridiculous & yet irresistable. (MF)

Alexis says that Kresley Cole’s books are "like candy corn. They’re terrible for me and I always feel a little gross after I eat them. Yet the minute they show up in the stores I’m helpless not to buy them." Today’s Kresley Cole treat is Poison Princess. What authors can’t you quit? (Cannonball Read 6)

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