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Kelsey Grammer And His Disturbing Anti-Choice/Pro-Gun T-Shirt Can F*ck Right the Hell Off

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | October 9, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | October 9, 2015 |

Kirsten Dunst came dressed as a military backpack to the Fargo premiere and I don’t even think it’s that bad. That’s how excited I am for new Fargo! (Go Fug Yourself)

Norman Reedus has the same life goal as the rest of us: Be Bill Murray. (Celebitchy)

Justin Bieber seems to think his penis is worth suing over. (Lainey)

I’m trying to wrap my head around what exactly these shirts, worn proudly by Kelsey Grammer and his wife, are trying to say. I’m not positive it’s pro-gun, but it does seem to be saying abortion is worse (maybe?) than death by gun. Considering there was another mass shooting on a US college campus THIS MORNING, I feel no qualms in saying that Frasier can go fuck himself. (US)
[ETA: there was another school shooting in Texas around the time I was putting these links together. My heart hurts and Kelsey Grammer can fuck himself forever.]

Here’s something super depressing for you: studies are finding that the amount of fish in Earth’s oceans is HALF what it was in 1970. (JSTOR)

And here’s something way more upsetting, if not at all really surprising: It doesn’t matter how non-racist you consider yourself, we all have implicit biases that influence how we view the people around us. Even if you’re just responding to someone’s name. (Vox)

Kurt Cobain once covered The Beatles’ “And I Love Her,” which you can now finally listen to. And you should. If you like either/both of those bands (AND WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DOESN’T LIKE NIRVANA OR THE BEATLES?), do it now. (Vulture)

Americans, take heed: Here are 18 British swear words you are to start using IMMEDIATELY. (Pleated Jeans)

Hey, PlayMobil, no one wants to play with your slave toys, and REALLY no one is believing that shoeless, dark-skinned figure with the neck shackle is a “crew member.” You’re a bunch of [*checks above*] arsebadgers. (CBS)

Did you think you could get through a day without seeing “Florida Man” and “human skull” in the same headline? (Fox)

Black-ish has an incredible cast, with no real weak links. But the showrunner’s choice for secret cast MVP may be surprising. Not at all wrong, just surprising. (Uproxx)

Finally! The man behind some of the worst Halloween costumes comes out to defend himself. (Not worst, by the way, in terms of offensiveness necessarily; mostly just the dumbest.) (Atlas Obscura)

It’s Friday, which means it’s unofficial Cute Animal Day in Pajiba Love. This is the day we indulge in the baby animal pictures, GIFs, and videos, but if you want to go slightly highbrow (and definitely if you’re one of those admirable people who starts thinking about holiday gifts in October), might I suggest some customized pet portrait art? Someone has to commission a portrait of TK’s dumb cat, right? (Etsy)

Jenny Lawson states in her book Furiously Happy that she’d rather be attacked by a baby penguin than a possum. Well, Cannonballer Malin has some advice, "I was bitten by a baby penguin at a zoo in Sweden when I was little. They may seem cute and fluffy and oh so harmless, but they have vicious, scissor-like beaks and I bled profusely. The lessons [Lawson] learned about swans should be applied to penguins as well, just saying." Besides the baby penguin warning, see what else Malin has to say in her 5-star review of The Bloggess’ second book. (Cannonball Read 7)

Have a good weekend, everybody! Stay safe on those roads!

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