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Kate Winslet Attempts Blue Steel, Looks More Like She's Eaten Bad Seafood

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 21, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 21, 2011 |

*Tap tap* Is this thing on? The internet, seems to me, to be a barren wasteland as most of my links are missing, having hied themselves to San Diego to celebrate The Con To End All Cons Until The Next Con. I’m speaking, of course, of Pacey Con. (Funny Or Die)

Yes, yes, I know that link is old. Just blow some of the dust off of it, it still works. If you are at Comic-Con, my wandering clouds, and are still reading today’s Pajiba Love…well…I blush! I stammer! And here’s a gift just for you. It’s a Comic-Con bingo card. I suggest you and your friends play and the first one to bingo buys a round of drinks. There’s drinking at Comic-Con, yeah? (Laughing Squid)

Just kidding, I know there’s drinking because I’ve seen many, um, compromising photos from the event. You know…experimentation. Speaking of! Those saucy photos of “Community” actors Allison Brie and Gillian Jacobs? They’ve been turned into children’s book illustrations along with several other strange and unusual couplings from that show. Enjoy! Thanks, Tracer Bullet, you sicko. (Uproxx)

But, we all have someone we’d go gay for, yes? One celebrity or really fit friend? I think I’ve told you before that mine’s Kate Winslet. Yes, even when she looks like she’s about to toss her incredibly statuesque cookies. (Celebitchy)

Ah, the British, you know I have a soft spot somewhere in my heart and private lady area for them. However, this article where folks (British and otherwise) identify and condemn some “‘murican slang” charmed me not one bit. First of all, “wait on” is something I’ve only ever heard the English say. And, secondly, FECK YOU, YOU SUPERCILIOUS SNOBS. (BBC)

The lovely Internet Magpie sent that link my way. And the goooorgeous esme sent me this word-related link that allows you to test your vocabulary. She and I had scads of fun with it, but we both realize our passion for words is not shared by the entire nation. (Test Your Vocab)

Oh, here’s where I sneak in a typography link without you noticing because you’re busy testing your vocabulary. WHAT! I HAVEN’T DONE ONE FOR WEEKS! At least days. It’s been days. The beard one is my favorite. (Type Everything)

Speaking of words, words, wooooeerrds, actor/impressionist Jim Meskimen has released this video of 25 celebrity impressions during the course of one Shakespearean monologue. It’s damned impressive not just because of the sheer volume of impressions but because of the obscurity of some. Have you ever heard a George Clooney impression? No. Well you’re about to. (Evil Beet)

I got in trouble a ways back for casting aspersions on that man who likes to live as if he’s a baby. So I’ll just say this about this woman who has 700 cats. I might maybe imagine that perhaps there would be a strong odor associated with that lifestyle choice and, possibly, the kindly lady might want to invest in some Kitten Mittens (Warming Glow)

I’m a bit of a costuming nerd, so I loved this series of Disney Princesses in historically accurate costumes. The panniers! The leg o’ mutton sleeves! And, if you’re into that sort of thing, cartoon cleavage! (Unreality)

Finally, this fantastic link from Pink McLadybits is a collection of final images from films. I bet you’ll guess them all, won’t you my inimitable idiot savants? (The Final Image)

Videowise? We’ve got this extraordinary treat from Robert who said, “It’s like someone ate all the pills in the pharmacy and then was let loose in a crayon factory.” To be honest, I’ve tried and there are just certain aspects of Japanese culture I will never ever ever understand. Mostly it involves pink and happy creatures and my absolute befuddlement.

We end today with this video from the musical group Stuckey and Murray wherein they sing the commentary from some of their youtube videos. It’s the perfect companion piece to Dustin’s “Dumbest People On The Internet” List. (h/t Lucas)

Joanna Robinson hopes you enjoyed today’s unintentional It Takes A Village People Pajiba Love Because She Overslept Because She’s Stopped Drinking Coffee In Solidarity With Someone Else But It’s Tough Because Caffeine, She Is A Helpful Little Succubus.

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