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Justin Timberlake Makes A Big Mistake. Huge.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 11, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 11, 2011 |

My dear Pajibans, as you’ve no doubt heard by now, Japan was hit with a massive earthquake, the 5th most powerful ever recorded. As Japan starts the road to recovery and other countries are on the lookout for tsunamis (so far no major damage), CNET has a fairly comprehensive list of links you can follow to keep informed. I’d like to extend my thoughts to any of our readers currently in Japan or with friends and loved ones there. (CNET)

Also in dire straits are the good people of Michigan. Oh, unless you’re the governor or any of a number of giant corporations. It’s a good day for you guys. (Forbes)

The people of Boston, on the other hand, are doing pretty well because even their car wrecks are gorgeous. (Boston)

That’s right. That website is just called “Boston.” I won’t lie, my dears, I was tempted to Bostonroll you. (Youtube)

Speaking of, did you know that the good lads and ladies (mostly lads) of 4chan invented “rickrolling?” They’ve also been responsible for a lot of other, more lasting changes in our society. (Rickrolling will go away eventually, right?) This interview with 4chan founder Chris Poole explores 4chan, its offshoot “Anonymous” and some of the ways in which internet culture is changing the world. One tip to Poole, however, I wouldn’t be so derisive with the term “neckbeard” when I’m fairly certain that describes much of your site’s population. (Vanity Fair)

One of my favorite things about internet culture, my darling Krakens and Cthulhus, is how easily someone’s painstakingly niche work can be distributed to an audience that will appreciate it. Take, for instance, this elaborate map of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. This sketch represents hours, maybe weeks of work and I’ll admit I haven’t even gotten through half of it. It’s simply astonishing. (Sci Maps)

Speaking of Cthulhus, the geeks, the neckbeards and I were all crushed this past week to hear that Guillermo Del Toro would not be making an “At The Mountains of Madness” film. News In Film has a look at Pacific Rim, the movie Del Toro will be making instead. (News In Film)

Okay, he ain’t no Cthulhu, but the “Lost” Smoke Monster and all his wacky island hijinks can be yours on Blu-ray for 40% off. Man, I really hate these box sets that come with so many extra things. What care I for toys, when there are Sayid’s luscious man locks to play with? (Amazon)

Speaking of luscious, dust off those adolescent dreams, boys and girls, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are back on the market. (Celebitchy)

I have to admit, I like J. Tim immensely, but when it comes to musician types, The Strokes Julian Casablancas really rings my bell. Here’s The Strokes’ new video complete with candelabras, chandeliers and Casablancas sporting his tightest pants and Helena Bonham Carter hair. (The Curious Brain)

In wholly unsurprising (but what an excellent way to justify my vices) news, ladies who drink two glasses of wine a day are more sexually satisfied than those who don’t. Bust out the Pinot for your lady tonight, fellers, ifffyouknowwhatImean. (NY Daily News)

My dear Dalis and precious Picassos, I want to share this odd collection of film-inspired paintings with you. Some of them, like the portait of Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, are fantastic. Others, like the Toy Story 3 one, give me the creeping heebie jeebies. I posted my favorite (Sam Jackson in Jackie Brown) below. (The Chive)

Thumbnail image for Jackie Brown.jpeg

But then again, what isn’t made better by Sam Jackson? Here he is making both science and golf look cool without dropping a single “m*therf*cker.”

And, finally, here are the highlights of the recent Paley Center event with the cast of “Parks and Recreations.” Amy Poehler is charming, as per usual. Adam Scott is, predictably, cute. But the sight of Ron Swanson with a full beard made me audibly “BWUAH??!?”

Joanna Robinson doesn’t get to work with Megan Mullally’s breasts (alas) but she does get to go eat a sandwich (yay!). Email your favorite sandwich combo here: [email protected] or tweet/twit/twoth it @quityourJRob.

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