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Julianne Moore Describes Working With Colin Firth And My Crush Grew Three Sizes This Day. On Him. Not Her. Well Both.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 8, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 8, 2011 |

Hullo my little missing links, did you know I just figured out the shortcut in our system that enables me to hyperlink without manually typing the code? I’d like to say this will leave me more time to do improving things like read and do yoga, but it just means I will sleep later. You know, sleep, that’s where I’m a viking. Speaking of improving literature, the British Secretary of Education is recommending eleven year-olds read 50 titles a year. Here are some recommendations from authors (Phillip Pullman!), are they missing any? (The Independent)

I loved reading as a child which explains both my inability to tan and my addiction to words. Hey! Whaddya know? Julianne Moore doesn’t like to tan and says working with Colin Firth is “like diving into a pool of words.” With just his clingy undershirt and breeches on, I hope. Oh, Mr. Dahcy. (Celebitchy)

I may be a lover of words, but as you well know I make puh-lenty of typos and grammatical errors. So I don’t love to poke fun at other people for their mistakes. Unless those people are racist bigots. Then it’s Open Judgmental Season. (11 Points)

But I know you Pajibans love to hate. Dustin and I ran some data through the Pajiba Super Computer (S.C.O.W.L.) and came up with this highly scientific pie chart. (The High Definite)

I’ll admit to being a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy geek. Heck, I wrote a whole post yesterday about a supporting cast member from LOTR, but getting (IRREVERSIBLE!) surgery on your ears to make them more pointy and elven? That’s a bridge of Khazad-dûm too far. Why do that to your poor face? (ABC News)

Speaking of faces. Here are two neat artistic projects. One is a representation of those blank facebook avatars. (Blame It On The Voices) The other is a portrait of Muhammad Ali made entirely of dangling punching bags. (Wired)

That punching bag thing is pretty clever, right? Also clever are these 34 inventions. Except for that keyboard drink caddy, that’s just asking me to short circuit something. Nooooo coffeeeee disassemble!! (Ned Hardy)

I can’t decide if this tumblr of folks posing with potholes is clever or confusing, but I’m sure some exec at CBS is already developing a pilot based on the premise. “There’ll be people! And potholes! We’ll make a mint!” (Posing With Potholes)

You know who else is making a mint? The Forbes Fictional Fifteen. Go Smaug! (Forbes)

Speaking of making money, I don’t know how well any of you who are not in the blogging world have been tracking this Huffington Post/AOL merger, but it’s putting a lot of people out of a job. I’d never tell you what to read and what not to read, but I’ll tell you that I personally stopped reading the HuffPo awhile ago because someone I trust told me I should…I’ll just leave it at that. (The Awl)

Aaaaaand, speaking of unemployment, my heart is really sick for all the government employees (including our troops?!?!?) about to be forced into an unpaid furlough because of the impending shut down. I’m also really pissed at Congress. It was good timing, then, that I found this post last night about my favorite congressman, Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Weiner is sometimes rude and sometimes a little TOO sarcastic, but is always passionate. And I dig his passion. (Persephone Mag)

Are you thinking, “Joaaannaaaaaa! Government shutdowns? Massive lay-offs? When Are you going to get to the important stuff?” You’re right, my pets. It’s time we focus on what truly matters. What weapon would you find most helpful come the zombocalypse? This “zombie enthusist” was apprehended at Port Authority with a whole arsenal in his possession. Personally? I would go with cricket bat. (Gothamist)

Hey, I love Edgar Wright! When he was a teenager, he cut together some hh-style montages off his NCR. The first one, “Gun Fetish”, made the rounds this week and here’s his second, “Wheels on Wheels.” Are they the best thing you’ve ever seen? No, but it’s pretty cool to see some of his early film influences and what he could achieve with limited technology.

I also love the Beastie Boys, but I sort of hate Danny McBride. So my feelings on this weird Beastie Boys trailer for a Beastie Boys short film that will promote a new Beastie Boys album are…mixed. They’re mixed.

Joanna Robinson wants to remind you that TK has dibs on the Murder Tank. If you ask real nice, he might let you come along for the ride. Email! Twitter!.

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