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Anna Kendrick Says Meryl Streep Is 'Kind of a Bro,' and Judd Apatow Goes on an Epic Anti-Bill Cosby Twitter Rant

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | December 29, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | December 29, 2014 |

The Fug Girls have given us an in-depth retrospective on the many looks of Idris Elba. I think we’re all so blinded by his current gorgeousness we forget that the early aughts were NOT a good time for this man. Come for the many mystery injuries, stay to the end for the finger guns dancing. (GFY)

Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and John C. McGinley had a mini-Scrubs reunion. Scrubs Braff is the only Braff I can stand, so this both confuses and warms the heart. (Uproxx)

Whenever Jesse Williams talks, I get the lady version of a husband’s bulge. Even when he’s talking about racism in America (which is usually). Over the weekend he said some very smart and rage-inducing things about how Hollywood perpetuates and enforces stereotypes. He also talks about how stupid “that f*cking Exodus movie” makes everyone look. (Celebitchy)

Anna Kendrick says Meryl Streep is “kind of a bro.” This quote is my favorite thing about Into the Woods. (Just kidding, it’s still Chris Pine.) (Contact Music)

Because I missed you all so much over the holiday, here’s a belated gift: beardy Chris Evans being crazy hot in this Call of Duty promo. It’s not very long, so there are bonus pictures of him playing golf. Cap gives great try-hard pouty golf face. (Lainey)

Jessie J has revealed that the royalty checks she received for writing Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” paid her rent for THREE YEARS. Which makes sense, since that’s how long I had that song stuck in my head after seeing Pitch Perfect. (Yahoo)

Shameless self-promotion time. If you have any interest in comics whatsoever, to any degree, I hope you’re listening to Joanna Robinson and Da7e Gonzales’ new podcast The Thought Bubble. Over the holiday they let me guest talk about Jessica Jones and Whedony things. Give it a listen, why don’t you? (FitWR)


Ed Sheeran is trying to make Taylor Swift and Orlando Bloom a thing. Honestly, I couldn’t make it past the header image because did we know Orlando Bloom has a little dainty belly tattoo? Not a fan. (DListed)

Normally, American presidents wearining crowns of any sort is a bad idea, but we can make an exception for Obama’s tiara, right? (Mary Sue)

How many of you are counting down the days until Friends is released on Netflix? All of you? I hope it’s all of you. To help tide you over in these last remaining Friends-less days, here are some deleted scenes. More Chandler trapped in an ATM vestibule is never a bad thing. (Vulture)

Here’s an odd bit of awesome. Before she passed away this year, 86-year-old Maya Angelou was working on a hip hop album. It’s… pretty fantastic. (HuffPo)

This was a big year for celebrity feuds. Some were upsetting (Cosby), some were ridiculous (all the rest of them). (Phactual)

Judd Apatow went on an epic Twitter rant, taking down that ‘monster’ Bill Cosby, those in Canada who dared to book him, and anyone else who sought to defend him. (USA Today)

We honored Travis J Smith’s 157 Cannonball Read 6 reviews last week, but none can compare to Malin, the most prolific Cannonballer of all time. With over 610 books reviewed since the very first Cannonball Read, she is a powerhouse of reviewing, and fighting cancer. Don’t be scared off by that number though, you can sign up for just a quarter-Cannonball, which is 13 books. After all, that’s how Malin got started! (Cannonball Read)

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