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Joss Whedon Says He Is Done with Feminists

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 7, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 7, 2013 |

Last night on Kimmel, an adorable five-year-old rejected a free Sony tablet, hilariously ruining some well-designed product placement. (Uproxx)

Joss Whedon gave a fantastic speech at the Equality Now dinner on Monday, where he basically said he hates the word feminist for a variety of different reasons, all of which are awesome. However, you have to read and/or watch the entire speech to understand why, but trust me, you will love Joss Whedon even more after you’ve done so. (Jezebel)

Speaking of gender, Vulture has a piece up today called, “6 Reasons Why Men Should Give Scandal a Shot,” and as a man who has been watching it since the beginning, I resent the implication that most men wouldn’t already want to see a show where a Presidential candidate has a secret bastard child and where the President blows up his girlfriend’s mom on the orders of his girlfriend’s dad. (Vulture)

At first I thought this headline was suggesting that 16 year old girls want to be more like Jennifer Aniston, and I thought that was weird, but then I realized that it was actually suggesting that Jennifer Aniston wants to be more like a 16 year old girl, and then it all made sense. (DListed)

JENNIFER LAWRENCE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR? No, seriously, though. I like it. It’s great! And it’ll grow back one day! Don’t worry about it. (Celebitchy)

On Carrie Underwood’s outfit at the CMA’s last night: “The prosecution says, “SOFA SO GOOD,” and then shoots the defense with some finger-guns … When the guy holding the clipboard sees the pants, he laughs for a full ten seconds before asking who kidnapped 1973 and whether the authorities will adjust the ransom to its approximate value in Now money.” (GFY)

Hey! Why does everyone like Arrow, anyway? (Unreality)

Here is some EXCELLENT advice on how to deal with writer’s block that every existing and aspiring writer should read immediately. (That’s What She Said)

Our man Howie Decker ruminates with 5 thoughts on Netflix/Marvel announcement. (Underscoopfire)

J.J. Abrams finally discusses why Michael Arndt abandoned the Star Wars VII screenplay, and it is SCANDALOUS. (It’s not really scandalous). (Slashfilm)

“Could you take out the nuances?” An actual studio note given to Barry Sonnenfeld on Wild Wild West. HA! (Huffpo)

The public is turning against Malcolm Gladwell in a big way these days, and part of it is because we like to attack things that are popular, and part of it is that Malcolm Gladwell makes crap arguments. (Happy Nice Time People)

Thanks to a few last-minutes changes of heart by The Walking Dead writers, these four characters were spared. At least briefly. And now we understand what happened to T Dog. (WG)

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