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Joseph Gordon-Levitt In The Dark Knight Rises, Does Bulletproof Fulfill The Vest Rider In His Contract?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 1, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 1, 2011 |

The foolish minxes over at Celebitchy attempt to determine whether Cillian Murphy is sexy or creepy in these In Time red carpet photos. Ladies, ladies, ladies, many have tried, all have failed. (Cillian Murphy) But I think we can all agree that flashing a little butt cheek is a “Red Carpet Don’t.” Even if it is the very fetching butt cheek of Amanda Seyfried. (Celebitchy)

This interactive graphic of the evolution of Western Dance Music is awfully fun, even if it asserts that Europe didn’t get any until the late 1960s. (Thomson)

Here’s a sweet little list of Fictional Places You Can Visit In Real Life. Downton Abbey? Feh. I’ll hold out for Pemberley, thank you very much. (Flavorwire)

‎I’m not going to comment too much on the NY Post article…because I’m angry…and I don’t like to write angry. I’ll just leave this excerpt here for those of you disinclined to read the whole piece: “This fall, nobody’s more in touch with their inner Lisbeth Salander than the women of Brooklyn, terrorized by more than 20 sex attacks in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace and Kensington over the past eight months…. And now, in an appropriately Swedish turn, regular women can channel their outer Lisbeth, too. H&M’s 30-piece Dragon Tattoo line was created by Trish Summerville, the Fincher film’s costume designer, and distills the essence of her character into slightly less S&M-y threads.” (NY Post)

BAD MOOD CLEANSER! Look at this cute little girl dressed as “Princess Batman” for Halloween. (Comics Alliance)

Didn’t we talk about this? About not wearing Black Face for Halloween? I thought we covered this, guys. Apparently Raffi Torres of the Redwings didn’t get the memo. (Yahoo)

It’s not necessary! Check out this adorable Turk and JD costume duo. In the tweeted words of Donald Faison, “Guy dressed as Turk, I want to thank you for not going in Black Face.” (Twitter)

Replica sent me this lovely site. I know so many offenders, and none of them is me. WHAT?!?!? MY USE IF CAPS LOCK IS JUDICIOUS AND APROPOS. (Welcome To The Internet Time Out)

It’s the first day of Dia De Los Muertos. In honor of this fantastic festival, I want to ask you which deceased person (beloved and known to you or otherwise) you would take to dinner tonight. Me? Dorothy Parker. And by “take to dinner” I mean “attempt to drink under the tabs…or the host.” (Unreality)

The wonderful BierceAmbrose, who keeps me in links, sent me this rather disturbing article on horrific injuries sustained during sex. Read with caution folks. While I was on that site, however, I stumbled on this magnificent response to Ryan Gosling vs. Puppies. I present: JGL vs. Kittens. (The Frisky)

I don’t know what it is. Perhaps that cliche about a man in uniform is true, but I am supremely digging on these shots of JGL in Gotham PD blue from the set of the Dark Knight Rises. He’s looking, well, grown up. (Just Jared)

Finally, punkins, the last gasp of Halloween splendor. Here’s a sweet time lapse video of the creation of this year’s Google Doodle.

And, is there anything cuter than a teacher going out of his way to prove to his students that science is cool? No. No there is not. You rock on, science teachers.

Joanna Robinson is seething with jealousy at all of you folks you got to see the Tate/Tennant “Much Ado” mentioned yesterday. She’d hate you, if she didn’t love you so. Twitter! Email!

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