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Things The Internet Gets Way Too Excited About: Johnny Depp's Daughter Wearing a Freaking Hoodie

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | May 23, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | May 23, 2016 |

I haven’t seen Blue is the Warmest Color, so I’m not familiar with Adele Exarchopoulos, but this is the face she makes when having to touch Sean Penn so she’s now my favorite human. (Go Fug Yourself)

Calvin Harris was in a pretty horrific car accident, but refused to stay at the hospital when they wouldn’t give him a private room. Is this actually a person anyone would recognize, even if you were sharing a room? (Celebitchy)

The general theme of last night’s Billboard Awards seems to be… “It could have been worse”? (Lainey)

This is the world we live in:

Oh my god, this is the anthem of a generation. A generation of early-aughts tween space ravers. When I close my eyes, I just want to see this music video playing on a loop forever. (DListed)

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus was (from the sound of it, deliberately) humiliated by the San Diego Padres this weekend. (Facebook)


Dustin’s got your Preacher questions (and some answers, too). (Uproxx)

Comparing two Tulips: AMC’s Preacher’s Tulip vs. the comic book version. (Vanity Fair)

Joss Whedon gave some very vague details about his next movie. Basically, “It is an original screenplay that is very different from everything I’ve ever done, except for that it’s exactly the same.” (Screen Rant)

You may not have ever wondered what the Game of Thrones title sequence would look like recreated with mold spores. You might not have known that was a thing you wanted to see. It is. (Inverse)

This is not a book Cannonballer lainiefig would have ever picked up, but she was fascinated when one of her dearest friends sent it to her. Victoria Sweet’s God’s Hotel is her experience as a physician in the last almshouse in the US, her patients, and her exploration of "slow medicine" as an alternative to the business of modern health care. Would you be supportive if your physician advocated a return to some Medieval medical practices? What if it was taking care of the poor and spending time with patients? (Cannonball Read 8)

Netflix Acknowledges They Have a Movie Problem | Let's Pour One Out For the Sidekicks