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Johnny Depp Has a New 'GQ' Profile, and Amber Heard Rightfully Is Peeved About It

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2018 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2018 |


Thank you for the nice welcome back! I’m happy to be back. Happy Mean Girls Day! It’s October 3rd AND a Wednesday, so, you know, pretty exciting! … or you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

Ok, quick, close your eyes and picture Kelly Kapowski as Rachel Green. Can you see it? - (Celebitchy)

Did you know there was going to be a The Hills reboot? Do you care? What if I told you Mischa Barton is going to be on it? Still don’t care, huh? Yeah, same here. - (Dlisted)

Petr brought us a present this morning and now I’m giving it to you!

RPatz is wearing an outfit. It’s, well, I mean, yeah, it’s an outfit. Sure. - (GFY)

I feel like this video has been out for a while now, but I haven’t watched it until now. I don’t know why I haven’t. It’s very cute. It’s preaching to the choir with this crowd: Second Best Chris, Chadwick Bozeman, the importance of voting, the kids from Parkland, etc. I really hope it gets The Youths out to vote, though! - (Lainey)

Tori doesn’t wanna judge, but Marylanders hate “the corner piece of a brownie” and therefore, that makes them MONSTERS! - (The Takeout)


Pixie short clip_1_1-thumb-700x519-195445.gif

Johnny Depp didn’t like his Rolling Stone profile and thinks his new British GQ article will make him look much better, clear everything up. Sarah has OPINIONS about what it’s really like, and *chef’s kiss*! - (Lainey)

You know who else didn’t like that GQ profile? AMBER HEARD. I mean, can you blame her? “It felt like within a very, very short period of time that suddenly this version - for lack of a better word - of Cinderella had been immediately turned into the beast,” Depp said of his public image. “He’s Quasimodo.” In that same story, it is revealed that Depp’s nickname for Heard — which used to be “Slim” — is now “Scum” and “Scam.” Yeah, Quasimodo sounds right to me. (THR)

Donald Trump mocking Christine Blasey Ford and the Russian campaign against The Last Jedi are joined at the misogynistic hip. - (Medium)

On the other hand, Nick Offerman is just the best.

When ElCicco was in junior high, her sister introduced her to the P.G. Wodehouse Jeeves and Wooster series. She couldn’t get enough. Rereading The Code of the Woosters reminded her that "Bertie is a delight and reading his description of what unfolds at Totleigh Towers still makes me laugh after several decades. It also makes me want to rewatch the Laurie/Fry series again." (Cannonball Read 10

Let’s end on a lovely note, by celebrating the anniversary of two wonderful people who love and respect each other. COME BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK, PLEASE! Come back! - (The Root)

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