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Jennifer Love Hewitt Threatens to Wear a Shirt If You Don't Watch Her New Show

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | March 5, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | March 5, 2012 |

You know what might improve your day? This ranking of the top 20 Cold Opens from “The Office.” Take issue 2-20 if you’d like, but you cannot reasonably disagree with number one. (WG)

Everything’s better with Seneca’s beard from The Hunger Games. (Slate)


Important: Redheads experience pain differently than the rest of us. (IO9)

But if you’re a redhead with a lab coat, studies suggest that you may be smarter than the rest of us. (The Mary Sue)

Our friends over at Unreality have a think piece up on the homogenization of movie evil (Unreality) and while you’re over there, check out this unreal Korean fried-chicken commercial from the 1980s starring motherfucking Robocop. (Unreality)

I’ve been working on the appropriately cutting joke all weekend, but everything I come up with seems dated: Kirk Cameron thinks that homosexuality is “unnatural” and “destructive.” Help me out here with the best comeback. Maybe this fact will help: The man won’t allow himself to be photographed alone with a woman. (Mediabistro)

In obit news, Ralph McQuarrie — who was the Star Wars designer — passed away this weekend. He died at the age of 82. (Screenjunkies)

OK, this is great: What if the Three Little Pigs story was covered by modern journalists? It’s terrifyingly accurate. (Neatorama)

After that amazing, mind-blowing “Downton Abbey” Rap — the perfect hip-hop number for the minivan set — I don’t even know why anyone continues to try Downton mash-ups. But, in case you can’t get enough, here’s “Arrested Downton.” Come to think of it, Lady Edith doing the chicken dance would be awesome. (Uproxx)

Hey, y’all: Did you see Lindsay Lohan on “Saturday Night Live”? Lindsay Lohan did well, according to Lindsay Lohan. (IMDB) But, come on, people. Don’t tell me we’re going to slam her for going to an after-party following the show. (Celebitchy)

J. Lo. Ho is really pulling out all the stops for her new series, “The Client List.” And by “pulling out the stops,” I mean: Showing her cleavage to anyone that asks. Here’s the latest ad.


He did such a wonderful job real-time reviewing the movie, I really think TK should give up “Game of Thrones” recaps to cover “The Client List” on the weekly. (The Sun)

Every Springsteen album ranked. SOMEONE NEEDED TO DO IT. (Nerve)

Here’s six dumb things movies do to make their special effects less effective. (GammaSquad)

Eight short weeks ago, our pal Dave Chen started his “Justiifed” podcast. He’s already had Joanna on the show twice. This week, he hosted series creator Graham Yost . I like to think it’s because Yost thought he might get to chat with Joanna. (Slashfilm)

Y’all remember Jake Lloyd, who played young Anakin Skywalker in Phantom Menace? Here’s what he looks like today.


Lloyd has steadfastly refused to return to acting because of all the bullying he suffered due to the role. Also, he’s probably not getting a lot of non-porn offers. (TDM)

Over the weekend, I did a little research and discovered that on three sites — Pajiba, Slashfilm, and Indiewire — Human Centipede is referenced on nearly 1800 pages. Total box-office for the first two films: $320,000. It’s not stopping Tom Six from making it a trilogy (VOD grosses probably help). (The Film Stage)

Here’s Tom Hanks’ other son (his name is not Colin, I think) shirtless. He’s definitely better looking than Colin. (Buzzfeed)

FYI: The Hunger Games author approves of The Hunger Games film. (Vulture)

Finally a Reason to Watch Men in Black 3: Bill Hader | 10 Movie Parties Less Pleasant than the One in Project X

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