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Jennifer Lawrence Is Already Lobbying For A Golden Globe...Hard

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 10, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 10, 2012 |

Our Josh has the complete line-up of musical acts for the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. In his words, “Really, it’s going to be SO gay and SO good.” (Uproxx)

Edgar Wright and The Boys have cast their female lead for At The World’s End. She’s a lovely actress and, honestly, I expected her to hit the big time for years ago. She was a Bond Girl for chrissake! Isn’t that a one-way ticket to fame and glory? What? Denise Richards? Oh. (/Film)

By the by, you have seen the teaser poster. Yes? I’m so excited. Let’s have a Pajiba screening in a pub.

On the American end of things, here’s an interesting side-by-side comparison of “Roseanne” and “Frasier.” The writer attempts to decide which is the more quintessentially 90s sitcom. (In terms of class warfare, etc…not in terms of haircuts and lattes.) I’ll tell you this much, I appreciate both shows but I will always watch a “Frasier” rerun, especially if it involves Gay Patrick Stewart. (The Awl)

Speaking of 90s nostalgia, look on this “Forgetting Chart,” ye mighty, and despair. (xkcd)

If Dan’s rather lackluster Bourne Legacy review hasn’t scared you away from catching some quality Jeremy Renner forearm porn this weekend, here are 5 Things To Remember from the previous films. Oh, Paddy Considine, as if I could ever forget. (Vulture)

Another of our Pajiba Tenners, Jennifer Lawrence, was out and about at a luncheon for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. As the lovely Fug Girls pointed out, one of the main reasons actors go to these things is to make nice with the HFPA and lobby for a Golden Globe. Which, more power to you, actors. Regahdless, Lawrence looked rather gorgeous but, for my money, the photo of Carla Gugino is the real winner. (Celebitchy)

I somehow missed the story of a Luchador robber and his Ostrich henchmen. Personally, I think I would use Swan henchmen instead. Swans are *SSHOLES. (Awesomephilia)

Yeah, sure, this beer supported snack plate looks like a good idea, but I’d be one triumphant swig away from SalsaShirt. (Laughing Squid)

Hey, parents, here’s a swell idea of what you can do with that embarrassingly expensive crib you bought. Seriously, cribs are bananas expensive. (Neatorama)

Ugh, great, now I want to own a Highlander SUV. Thanks a LOT clever bumper sticker. (Unreality)

Um, why is zombie Cinderella chewing on her glass slipper? (io9)

In “F*ck You, Cancer” news, brilliant essayist, filmmaker and all-around fantastic human being David Rakoff died way, way, way too young. Read one of his fantastic pieces today, in loving memory. (Boing Boing)

Oh, hey, Cancer, did I mention F*ck You? Adam Yauch stated in his will that any and all use of his music in advertisements is strictly prohibited. Nice. My teeth hurt every time I hear Nick Drake’s songs in a commercial. (Rolling Stone)

Finally, in full musical regalia, here’s Jimmy Fallon doing the “Reading Rainbow” theme in the style of Jim Morrison. I know this is a few weeks old, but it’s delightful.

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