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Jennifer Lawrence Dares America to Call Her Fat One More Time. ONE MORE TIME

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 8, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 8, 2012 |

Jennifer Lawrence is taking umbrage with “critics” who are calling her “beefy”? Who are these people, and why haven’t they all already jumped up my ass? OPEN INVITATION. (Celebitchy)

Here’s my impassioned plea to consider dropping Netflix and adding Amazon Instant Prime in its place: The 15 Best TV Series on Amazon Prime Instant. (Uproxx)

Hey! Remember Alexa Vega, the 12-year-old from Robert Rodriguez’ Spy Kids? She grew up, and she looks great in a bikini and chaps while wielding a gun. (FilmDrunk)

Vincent Kartheiser, who plays that weasel f*ck on Mad Men, waxes philosophical on getting punched in the face. If it indeed is a male rite of passage, I’ve come of age at least two dozen times in my life. What can I say? My face is very punchable. (Vulture)

Hey, if you like watching other people get punched in the face while getting your own face be-shitted upon, check out this fantastic collection of action-movie drinking games. (Unreality)

Speaking of drinking games, one of our wonderful readers, Laura, designed her own for “Parks and Recreation.” Snake juice sold separately. (Click to Embiggen)


I guess I have mixed feelings about the sudden mainstream success of fan-fic: I want to support writers, but I also want to support good writing. I’ll reserver judgement on Beautiful Bastard —a re-imagined the Edward Cullen-Bella Swan relationship as a steamy love/hate romance between a boss and his assistant that’s just signed to a lucrative publishing deal — until the Pulitzer is handed out. (THR)

While I always find it interesting when actors/directors reveal that they turned down so-and-so role, I find it equally off-putting. “Oh, you turned down your chance to do The Avengers, huh, Sam Mendes? Too good for the biggest action movie not directed by James Cameron of all time, are you? I’m totally sure they would’ve picked you.” (Slashfilm)

Oh sure, Kevin Smith is excited for Star Wars VII, but what he REALLY wants is a standalone film for Bobba Fett. (FirstShowing)

What’s better than math-wiz wunderkind Nate Silver? Drunk Nate Silver. (Buzzfeed)

You can’t actually say “f*ck” on network television, but that hasn’t stopped the networks from developing four (4) new shows with “f*ck” in the title. How edgy. (Deadline)

Taco Bell is selling a new product that will consist of a loaded baked potato wrapped in a tortilla. I believe they are calling it “Natural Selection.” (OC)

That skeevy Terry Richardson, who photographs all the celebrities in smutty provocative ways, takes a whack at President Obama, and somehow he manages to capture the President at his least adorable. At least he doesn’t have a gun in his mouth. (Terry Richardson)


Serial killer much, Prez?

Speaking of politics, my favorite new Tumblr today is “White People Mourning Romney.” It’s funny because it’s sad. Or because they’re white. I DUNNO, IT’S JUST FUNNY, OK? (WPMR)


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