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Jeff Bridges Likes Being Called "The Dude" And Boning His Wife A Lot? That's Almost Enough To Make Me Forget Tron 2: Electric Suit Boogaloo ... Almost.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 19, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 19, 2011 |

Greetings my sassy sibilants and feisty fricatives. Okay, this article isn’t so much about articulation as it is about word choice. Specifically which pronouns we use and what that means about our personalities. I’m going to be judging you based on your comments now. You know, more than I already do. (Scientific American)

You know we shouldn’t judge celebs too harshly on what they say in interviews. That’s the general consensus around these parts, yes? Well we can at least think of them glowingly when they say sweet things. Jeff “The Dude” Bridges loves boning his wife of over 30 years. TRUE LOVE! (Celebitchy)

Speaking of true love, many of you have sent these engagement photos my way. And you are right, all of you, this is the greatest couple of all time. Scroll through to see why. (Badass Digest)

Yup! I said it! Greatest couple of all time! Suck it, Romeo and Juliet! I still covet this poster. (FroDesign)

Speaking of posters, Movieline has a scathing little comment on how that Twilight kid’s new movie poster is a rip-off of the Bourne poster. (MovieLine)

Meh, I guess. But I can play that game too. Here’s Ralph Fiennes in Nose vs Nose and Nose vs No Nose.

Speaking of that Twilight kid, that other one, the sparkly one, has been named a “Starter Vampire” by a professor of vampire lore at University of Texas. (Um, vampire lore? Tuition well-spent, kids!) Basically, his point is that because Edward Cullen is sparkly and harmless he serves as sort of a Gateway Vampire for younger kids who aren’t ready for the grim and gore of horror stories. Me? I was raised on Bram Stoker and I’m fine. FINE I TELL YOU! (The Mary Sue)

Speaking of books, you know how I feel about e-readers (Books 4 Lyfe!), but I can’t help admiring this art project entitled “How Would You Explain The Kindle To Charles Dickens?” Simply gorgeous. (Kuriositas)

But story doesn’t matter to filmmakers, right? That’s what we learned this week? Edith sent me this interesting article about Star Wars co-creator Gary Kurtz and how he quit the franchise when he found out Lucas was more interested in toys than in story and character. Bravo, sir. (LA Times)

Speaking of story and character, one of my favorite shows, “Mad Men” is hosting an open casting call for a walk-on roll. All you need to do is submit a photo (preferably in period clothing) and ask your friends and fellow Pajibans to vote for you. I nominate Nadine but, truth be told, I would love to see any one of you Pajibans win. (Mad Men Casting Call)

Speaking of advertizing, check out these awesome street fliers I stole from Sarah Carlson. (Happy Place)

The Memphis Three were released today through some quirk in the legal system. This? This is great news. (FilmDrunk)

And here, my shuffle ball changes, we have a video which chronicles the evolution of dance in film. No it’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen (long, wonky aspect ratio), but I have a weakness for choreography and I couldn’t pass up something that featured Fred Astaire, the original Teen Wolf, and the illustrious DJ Qualls.

And I leave you today with two Harry Potter themed videos. The first comes from the fine folks at “The Way It Should Have Ended.”

And, well, this song is about boning at Hogwarts. I’m sorry, it’s brilliant. Enjoy.

Joanna Robinson’s favorite parts of those Harry Potter videos are the various Alan Rickman impressions. Well done, randos, well done.

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