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James Comey Proves To Be Unlimited Fuel Source For Trump's Paranoia

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | August 29, 2019 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | August 29, 2019 |


The DOJ released a report on an investigation into James Comey and, my dudes, we’re not surprised by this, right? Like, we all know he’s not a good guy, right? Yet it’s still more fuel for Trump’s crazy. Sigh. (NPR)

Friends will celebrate their 25th anniversary next month and this post about how the show hasn’t aged well is spot on. I tried to rewatch the series, and I couldn’t even get through like three episodes. (Buzzfeed)

Liv Tyler did a home tour video with Architectural Digest. Her home is the perfect combination of stunning and homey. Also? In the comments, someone called her the “female Keanu Reeves” and I’m not mad about it. (YouTube)

Apparently the secret to getting over a break up is a $520 cashmere bra. (The Cut)

The warmer it gets, the more we use air conditioning. The more we use air conditioning, the warmer it gets. Is there any way out of this trap? (The Guardian)

Scientists created a graphene-coated fabric that cannot be penetrated (*Michael Scott gif*) by mosquitoes. Where do I sign up for this? (Smithsonian Mag)

I did not know that Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin Schrute) is a real-life cat lady and I am super into this. (Celebitchy)

How history textbooks reflect America’s refusal to reckon with slavery. (Vox)

F*ck Prince Andrew, and f*ck his entire media team, and also f*ck the actual media for not going after him like they would with anyone else. (Lainey Gossip)

Listen, I’ve never heard a single Jonas Brothers song and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Priyanka Chopra in anything, so I have no skin in this game, but this is so funny to me: Priyanka Chopra photoshopped herself in a VMA photo. Like, if my mum knew how to use Photoshop, this is exactly what she would do. (People)

Inequality comes in waves. The question is when this one will break. (The New Yorker)

Forever 21 might be declaring bankruptcy. Good! Let them! Let that store die. Fast fashion is terrible for the environment. Time to say goodbye to this practice. (Dlisted)

On the other hand, there is some major fashion going on at the Venice Film Festival. (GFY)

Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) is having a gaming convention! (Burning Cat)

Drew Magary asks: what’s the worst cooking mistake you’ve ever eaten anyway? Mine is the most disgustingly undercooked and oversalted eggplant at a super high-end restaurant in Chicago, and years later I am still mad at myself for eating the entire thing. WHY?! (Deadspin)

What’s The Point Of A Primary Care Doctor? (MEL Magazine)

I mean, of course I’m going to watch Carnival Row. JoRo doesn’t even have to sell me, but she sure did anyway. (VF)

In preparation for the #CannonBookClub discussions of A Study in Scarlet and its retellings (September 20 - 21), Manimama reviewed the Arthur Conan Doyle classic and Eva Chase’s A Study in Seduction. In the retelling, Jemma Moriarty seduces Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade into committing a heist with her. "Other than names and their respective jobs, these characters have little in common with the source material." What is the oddest Sherlock-related fiction you’ve come across? (Cannonball Read 11)


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