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Jake Gyllenhaal Accosted in SXSW Bathroom, Pajiba Staffers Too Drunk and Apathetic To Be Considered Suspects.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 14, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 14, 2011 |

Oh, Math Nerds, you clever gehls and boys, by associating your “Pi Day” with the delectability of pie, you’ve forced us all, for love of pastry, to sit up and take notice every March 14th. So happy day, nerds, you win again. Here’s an online game of Pick Up Sticks for you mathematically inclined. (Tommy Ogden)

Did you know that there is some weird group of Pi dissenters that advocate Tau Day instead? I’m afraid they’ll never win, for the Pi-heads have pastry on their side. (Tau Day)

And I know some of you more fractious fractals were saddened when this AMAZING Pi/Pie shirt was no longer available at Woot. (WHAT IS WITH YOUR ONE DAY AVAILABILITY REIGN OF TERROR, WOOT?) I found a somewhat similar shirt over at Zazzle. Cold comfort, I know. But cold pie, is still tasty pie. (Zazzle)

In case you’re doubting the supremacy of pie, here’s some scientific (and, yes, mathematical) proof. Some enterprising gent collected data on over one million tweets to find out what Twitter nation loves and what it hates. In addition to pie, it looks like we love lions, and Bidens and Biebers, oh f*ck. (Neo For Mix)

We love Jake Gyllenhaal too, right? I mean, we’re all cocking a bit of a skeptical eyebrow at the “Good Looking” T-shirt he has on in the header photo, but, in general, we find him likable. Yes? But do we like him enough to follow him into the bathroom and try to take a photo of his junk? YES! I mean, um, NO! Bad fan! Very bad. (Celebitchy)

If Jake is traumatized by that junk-related incident, he may want to consider consulting Barry Michaels, therapist to the stars. Listen, I could tell you to read this New Yorker profile on Michaels for the keen insights into adapted Jungian psychology, but I know you by now, my dears. You wanna read some dirt on the insecure elite of Hollywood? Well, look no further. (The New Yorker)

Speaking of celebrity dirt, please join me in a moment of silence for the lovely Alison Pill (aka Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim) who has betrothed herself to Jay Baruchel (aka what happens when you put Justin Long in the taffy puller). Jay may be a great guy, but his description of the proposal is not exactly charming. (Evil Beet)

You know, Evil Beet called Baruchel’s proposal typically hipster and I’m rather sick of “hipster” being synonymous with “douchey.” Because there are, in fact, some adorable hipsters. Like these yarn bombers. They’re waging a War of Cozy Terror. (Ishknits)

Also, ALSO, sometimes hipsters make great music. Our good friends over at AudioSuede have put together a “Most Anticipated Albums of 2011” list and while I can’t speak to the list as a whole, it contains not only two of my favorite hipster wailers (“Okkervil River” and “The Mountain Goats”), but also a very surprising Dionne Warwick entry. Oh, also? “Explosions in the Sky.” BOOM. (AudioSuede)

That “Explosions In the Sky” comment allows me to neatly transition into talking about “Friday Night Lights” which leads me to talk about this crap going on with the NFL. Yup, seamless transitions, everybody. That’s why I get paid the tiny bucks. (Yahoo)

This recut trailer of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as an indie coming-of-age comedy would have to recast Cameron Frye as the central character. You know what, I’d see that movie.

Finally, I leave you with this awesome concept video of Inception in 60 seconds. Come for the line drawings and moustaches, stay for the adorable German accents.

Joanna Robinson would like to apologize to anyone offended or outraged by some truly inane comments that were made in last Friday’s P. Love. If you want any of bleujayone’s stale Peeps, let me know here: [email protected] or follow me @quityourJRob

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