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It's Topsy-Turvy Day: Tim Murphy Resigns From Congress, The NRA Is Open To Regulation

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | October 5, 2017 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | October 5, 2017 |

Tim Murphy, one of the biggest hypos to ever crite, has resigned from Congress. BYE FELICIA. (Politico)

In a very rare move, the NRA issued a statement saying they are open to federal regulation on bump stocks. I mean, it’s the least the government should do. But I’ll take it. (Axios)

Congratulations to Kazuo Ishiguro for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature! I enjoyed Never Let Me Go very much, but The Buried Giant much less so. Which one of his other books would you recommend? (NYTimes)

This Harvey Weinstein fella is a real winner, huh? (Celebitchy)

I truly couldn’t care any less about the SatC movies, but I am a bit bothered with how Kim Cattrall is being vilified over the entire situation. I’m really glad that Lainey is of a similar mindset. (LaineyGossip)

There are quite a few of you who like puns. These Halloween costume ideas are for you. (Mental Floss)

A bakery in Massachusetts listed “love” as one of the ingredients in its granola. The FDA is not having it, but you know what? They’re wrong. Oats and syrup and nuts and sometimes peanut butter and coconut and chocolate? Sounds like love to me. (IFLScience)

Katy Perry is not someone who I would call fashionable, but damn if this sequin robe isn’t fabulous. (GFY)

My music taste is forever frozen in the late ’90s to early ’00s, so I’m calling this study that found psychopaths enjoyed No Diggity and Lose Yourself #fakenews. That’s how this works, yes? (The Guardian)

Netflix is raising the prices of certain subscription plans. I changed mine to Streaming + 2 DVDs a month, and I miss getting more discs in the mail. How about you? (Popular Mechanics)

I hate every open-plan office I’ve ever worked in (all two of them) so this post made me chuckle. (McSweeney’s)

Heard of Deconstructed Food? Here are very cool photos of deconstructed machines. The fire extinguisher is surprisingly simple. (5Things)

Kelly Ripa Morning Show Don is an idea that delights me bigly. (Dlisted)

Have you been following this crazy story coming out of Cuba? It’s eerily similar to an X-Files episode called “Drive”. The reporting has been focused on calling it a sonic attack, but there might be a different explanation. (Wired)

I’m going to link to two articles from The Cut because I think they’re both important. How It Felt to Live Through My First Manic Episode is the first, and How Can I Train Myself to Want Less Stuff? is the second. I hope you’ll read them both.

I think that more than a few of you will enjoy these photos from the 35 best science fiction movies (ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like for you to please direct your gaze to photo #14). (AVClub)

I would have paid good money to be present in the newsroom when this story was being discussed: “Arrested drunk man claims he time traveled to warn of aliens”. Naturally. (AP)

I tried reading the new Google phone specs but it honestly sounded fake to me (qualcomm snapdragon? laser and dual-pixel phase detection? Did they hire William Gibson to name their technology?) so I checked out. I should have kept reading, because hidden in that presentation was the news that we’re much closer to a universal translation doohickey than I could have imagined. Much better than putting a babel fish in your ear. (Tor)

When picking up a new book there is always a risk that it will be a disappointment. The Chancellor wanted to like Aviya Kushner’s The Grammar of God, but could not. It really needed to be two books, one about the differences she found between the Bible written in Hebrew and written in English, and the story about her family. The Chancellor wanted to read both books, but not the combination. What was your most recent uneven read? (Cannonball Read 9)

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