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Is Sarah Palin Angling For A Guest Spot On "Sons Of Anarchy"?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 9, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 9, 2012 |

Praise the lord and pass the Connie Britton, I am so glad the sure-to-be-not-great TV show “Nashville” exists as it affords more opportunities to ogle Britton’s gams. I invite the Pajiba commenter who said that middle-aged ladies had no business being lauded as sex symbols to kiss Tami Taylor’s well-toned *ss. (People)

Did you know Scott Speedman (in uniform!) once interrogated Ryan Gosling in an episode of “Goosebumps” when they were both wee little Canucks? It’s true, the porn glasses don’t lie! (The Insider)

The lovely, underused Rachael Harris and the actress who plays Angela on “The Office” have just signed a deal with Fox to produce a sitcom. Do you remember when Fox was the home of “24” and “Prison Break,” etc.? Does it seem like the network is now Lifetime-bound to anyone else? (Deadline)

Not content to ruin your day with that “Community” news, the universe has seen fit to delay the return of “Louie” until 2014. Drown your tears in mango popsicles my little duckies. (Variety)

There’s a Wes Anderson art show a-foot and Khaki Scout Troup 55 features heavily. You all saw Moonrise Kingdom, yes? Or do you hate love and laughter? (/Film)

I’m not a fan of donuts, personally, but these fried mojito things might change my mind. Well that and the prospect of starting a chain of Drunkin’ Donuts. (Diet Hood)

Oy, punctuation nerds, I know you’re out there. What do you think about bringing back some of these defunct (or never were) punctuation marks? I think we can all agree the irony mark would save us a lot of internet flame wars. (Mental Floss)

Yes, yes Sarah Palin is not worthy of your notice. Sure, sure, we wouldn’t give a crap if she left the house wearing a burqa. That being said, the resemblance between our almost Vice President and the biker queen of SAMCRO is a little uncanny, no? (Celebitchy)

The most creative thing I’ve ever done with excessive icy freezer build-up is let it swallow a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. That was hilarious until we had to move. This is better. (Cheezburger)

Winter must be coming because the internet is ratcheting up the “Game of Thrones” content to eleven. Riddle me this, why aren’t these playing cards something I can actually buy and use. I will fling ALL my money at you, sir. Give them here. (Thaeger)

It ain’t easy growing up in the Hollywood spotlight, but that won’t stop me from snickering at certain hair choices in this comprehensive Then and Now celebrity gallery. (Unreality)

For all you true “Star Trek” fans who are sick of the pretenders, the insincere Orion slave girls, the Simon Peggy-y-come-latelies to the franchise, have I got the gorgeous yet pretentious geek wear for you. Check out this awesome T-Shirt series based around original “Star Trek” episodes. Oh yes, my hipster geeks, your day has come. (We Love Fine)

Finally I don’t now HOW these Brad Pitt Chanel ads can possibly be serious, and yet I have no evidence to the contrary. You can listen to the complete set here, or just marvel at weirdness below.

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