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Is It A Deal Breaker To Like Lady Gaga? So Be It!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 23, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 23, 2011 |

Spittings and salutations my darling dilophosauruses (dilophosauri?). These bang-a-rang prints combine three of my great loves: dinosaurs, superheroes and portmanteau words. Wolveraptor! Rawr! Snikt! (Superhero Dinosaurs)

Chicago has elected Rahm Emanuel their new mayor! Does that make him the most handsome/rapey-eyed mayor in history? “Rapey-eyed,” by the by, is a phrase my friend Tam invented to describe Cillian Murphy. Irish Potato, Rapey-Eyed Potahto. (NPR)

Speaking of superheroes and badass politicians, Georgia Congressman John Lewis is making a graphic novel chronicling his involvement with the Civil Rights Movement. Very cool. (Girl Gone Geek)

In other panelled news…rejoice! New Hyperbole and A Half! This one pretty accurately describes sisterly dynamics. In my house, I was the younger, which makes me the “fearless little burrito.” (Hyperbole and a Half)

Fearless little burrito, by the way, would be a good nickname for Lady Gaga, if she didn’t already have eleventy billion. Lobster hats and meat dresses aside, if you’ve ever listened to her actually sing, without processing, the Lady has some serious talent. Here she is doing an a capella version of “Born This Way.” (Evil Beet)

But if you still hate her egg-riding guts, here’s a story of how she brokered a deal with Target not only ensuring they stop funding anti-gay groups but also eliciting donations for LGBT causes. To inaccurately paraphrase my friend Beth, “Yay, I can buy Mossimo again!” (Pink News)

As Lady Gaga goes, so goes our nation. “Obama drops defense of law against gay marriage.” GOBAMA! (CNN)

You know I love you my little Twi-lightweight Readers and Oprah Book Clubbers. (Blech, worse than Baby Seal Clubbers. I kid, Baby Seal Clubbers are the worst and Oprah makes good picks sometimes.) I am, however, a reformed Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich and, as such, this video of books shelving themselves is like porn to me. Warning, here be whimsy and (*gasp!*) sorting by color! They’ll never find anything! (NY Mag)

Ah, but never fear, if you haven’t the patience for Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, you may still be a creative genius. A study has shown that people with shorter attentions spans (aka the goldfish, the daydreamers and me) tend to be more productive in the long run. So present this article to your bosses and demand they unblock Pajiba and Facebook from your company’s network. Highlight this sentence: “Employees are more productive when they’re allowed to engage in ‘Internet leisure browsing.’” Don’t say I never gave you an-SQUIRREL. (WSJ)

The website Only Knives (there’s a website called Only Knives!!!!) has a great five part series on the most incredible sword fights in history. I’m a fan of Part Five: Historical Turning Points for the half naked ladies and interrupted tea parties, but the whole series is pretty nifty and includes military heroes, artists and basically an entire section devoted to Musashi Miyamoto. (Only Knives)

Ah, my little Time Lords, in sad military hero news, actor Nicholas Courtney who played the gallant Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart for more than three decades on the classic episodes of “Doctor Who” has passed away. The Guardian has a lovely write-up of the actor who has the distinction of being the longest-serving actor in “Doctor Who” history. (The Guardian)

Dads are the best, right? (Unless you’re a J.J. Abrams character.) There’s a dad who purportedly spent 80 hours shoveling snow in South Lake Tahoe, CA (YES WE GET SNOW) in order to make the BEST GIANT SNOWMAN SLIDE THINGIE EVER. And then there’s this British pop who constructed an elaborate and interactive Angry Birds birthday cake for his son. And then helped his son destroy it. I don’t play the game, so I don’t ENTIRELY know what’s going on, but that kid looks ecstatic.

And, finally, I leave you with this amaaaazing song from the imagined “Predator: The Musical.” It’s been stuck in my head all morning.

Joanna Robinson wants your psycho, your vertigo stick, wants you in her rear window, baby you’re sick. Come on! Lady Gaga sings in Hitchcock puns. What’s not to love? Ok, yeah, the meat dress. I hear ya. [email protected]

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