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In Which We Talk A Lot About Breasts. Not Just Christina Hendricks' Breasts. But Those Too.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 2, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 2, 2012 |

Happy February my little love bugs!! Today kicks off Black History Month. Let’s celebrate by mocking the idiocy of some racists on the internet. (When Is White History Month)

We’re also only a few days out from the Superbowl. Word on the well-informed street is that this is going to be a frustrating/boring match up. So, let’s focus on what really matters. SNACK FOOD. Try topping this sh*t. I dare you. (Westword)

And, my pets, if you’re thinking of sending me something for Valentine’s Day (I know how fond you are of showering me with gifts), please don’t select this technological monstrosity. It looks like Elle Woods vomited all over the Best Buy. (Neatorama)

Speaking of Valentine’s plans, I hope all you Austintonianites are headed to the Alamo Drafthouse to check out their screening of The Princess Bride. If you’re not, drool with me for a moment over the adorable menu. (Boing Boing)

This one is for the hardcore “Harry Potter” nerds. The rest of you can move along. (Unreality)

(Self-serving link alert!) The lovely Nathaniel R had me back to talk about SAG fashion. Mostly I drooled over Viola Davis. Wouldn’t you? (The Film Experience)

Speaking of goddesses divine, here are a few jaw-dropping images of Christina Hendricks. Girl, get outta my dreams and back on my TV. (Celebitchy)

And, well, while we’re on the subject of magnificent racks, I’ll let Dustin’s headline sell you on this “Community” link. “The Future Of Annie’s Boobs Is In Your Hands.” (Warming Glow)

Because, come on, who DOESN’T enjoy breasts? Gay dudes? Maybe. The point is, there’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world, so the fact that the Breast Cancer Awareness Juggernaut “Komen For The Cure” pulled their funding from Planned Parenthood is a goddamn pitiful travesty. (ABL)

Not that this is Komen’s first infraction. They’ve reportedly spent thousands of donor dollars hunting down other organization who use the phrase “For The Cure.” How very charitable of them. May I suggest an alternate way to raise funds for Breast Cancer, America? (ACS)

Because, listen, it’s very important that you and I and everyone we know recognize that “Downton Abbey“‘s O’Brien has some glorious mammaries. Here’s a cute photo essay of her and her fellow castmates out of costume. Daisy and William! Carson in biking spandex! (Paper)

Speaking of behind the scenes photos, I got a huge kick out of Ana Gastayer’s oddball campaign to get her Twitter account verified. I dunno, it’s goofy and sweet and I adored her on “SNL.” (Uproxx)

One of my favorite sites, Photoshop Disasters, caught a J. Crew gaffe that went to print. MAKES YOU WONDER. (PSD)

And, for the Design Nerds (*cough*jM*cough*), here are some UBER nerdy font shirts. I love them. (The Social Dept.)

Finally, some brave souls broke the water skiing record. Here’s the crazy photographic proof. (BioTV)

Speaking of athletic feats, check out the tallest high school basketball player in action. The 7’5” Mamadou Ndiaye plays in California which, um, I’m sure is where he was born and raised.

Finally, the lovely figgy sent this to me and though she has horrible taste in general and is wrong about everything always, this is amazing. Enjoy!

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