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In Which We Answer The Age Old Question: Who's Cuter, Paul Rudd Or A Baby?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 11, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 11, 2011 |

The good news? The London Riots seem to be abating. The bad news? PM David Cameron is being a bit of a sh*t bird about the whole thing. The ugly news? Irreparable damage and violence was done. (The Big Picture)

That photo of the older gent in his ruined barbershop? That’s sadness on a stick. But let’s return, if we may, to the theme of David Cameron’s sh*t birdiness. Listen the rioters, looters, criminals? Out of line. Reprehensible. But for David Cameron to BAN them from social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc is so gaspingly unself-aware I can’t even begin to fathom it. Look inward, Cameron. Look to the deep problems in your community. Try some healing rhetoric and ease up on the name-calling and punitive threats. You’re not their father, you can’t just confiscate their mobile and expect things to be all better. Also? Stop being a sh*t bird. (The Guardian)

Okay, let’s move on to some fighting we can all support. TOPLESS LADY DUELS. (Am I trying to use boobs to distract you from my half-baked political ramblings? I shore am! Is it working?) Please read this wonderful account of a famous topless duel between two ladies over, wait for it, “the floral arrangements for an upcoming musical exhibition.” Oh, and vague, blurry, old timey boobs=NSFW? (Dreamy Eyed)

Speaking of scantily clad ladies, I love it when gendered depictions and comic books collide. And while I dig this drawn version of the gender-swapped Justice Leage, I love the face off of these depictions of male superheroes in Wonder Woman’s provocative pose. Thanks to Tracer Bullet and MissRoss. (Bleeding Cool)

Oh my little nerdlingers, NPR release that list of 100 Greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy books. Go ahead, swear like a librarian if your favorite didn’t make it. Personally, I think it’s a solid list. (NPR)

I love that Swear Like a Librarian link, because I often say intentionally dorky things like “Oh My Stars and Garters!” Sometimes, however, there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby. Like the sweet, sweet irony of Uwe Boll saying, “I’m not a fucking retard like Michael Bay.” Here’s a scathing list of filmmakers bitching at other filmmakers. (Flavorwire)

Speaking of scathing and bitch, please enjoy Anderson Cooper trash talking Chris Brown. Seriously, why is this clown still selling records? WHY HAS HE BEEN CAST IN A ROMCOM? (Evil Beet)

You know I love infographics. I love them like whoa. So forgive this quick round-up. Here’s all the people killed by Jason Voorhies and a series of Horrible Movie Cliche infographics (thanks, mswas!) and, finally, my favorite, from Candee, a typographic infographic. (Buzzfeed)

Two reasons I love Twitter. First of all, you can follow folks like @condeelevator. Seriously, these tweets are killing me. (Daily Beast) Secondly, one of my Twitter peeps sends me the best stuff. Like this ridiculously fun and interactive “Stuff To Scale” graphic. The Universe is BIG, bro. Like, huge. (Primax Studio)

[ETA: THIRDLY, the lovely Courteny (@courtenlow) is killing it in Twitter right now in regards to this article in which Gwyneth Paltrow somehow manages to seem more pretentious than ever before. No, seriously. (What Would Tyler Durden Do)]

Speaking of over-sized things, my second favorite tall thing, Conan “Ginger Junk” O’Brien, did an adorable improvised version of Radiohead’s “Creep.” Spoiler alert: There’s a chimney sweep dance. (Warming Glow)

In case you didn’t click on it, (I don’t blame you), that “Ginger Junk” link was a clip from Crazy, Stupid Love wherein the gingery Emma Stone talks about how much she loves Conan O’Brien. In the end, of course, shevbones Ryan Gosling. Because she’d be crazy stupid not to. I mean even TK (@ssoverTKettle) thinks Gosling’s dreamy. Look at the stalkery gifstravaganza he sent me. Some blurry, bare Gosling @ss =NSFW? (Best Week Ever)

We’ve got a lot of video today. I don’t know, folks, it just happened. Roll with it. For those of you who can’t watch things with sound at work, you can watch the last video on silent and still enjoy it. Okay! First of all, I crazy stupid love Paul Rudd. Even when he’s telling dumb jokes to Harvey Weinstein I love him.

Paul Rudd Pitches Harvey Weinstein from Paul Rudd

So Ms. Jennifer Garner said something sort of dumb and offensive about how there’s no deeper want for a woman than to be a mother. Um, some women, Garfleck. Come on. On the flip side the adorable Aziz Ansari goes on at length about how the last thing he wants is a baby.

But, listen, I’m here to tell you man. Babies are fun. You get to do funny things with babies. This dad’s got the right idea. I was cry-laughing. I may need more coffee.

Finally, as Tracer Bullet pointed out to me this morning, I don’t give you all nearly enough sports links. So here’s a clip of an unbelievable batting practice. Like I said, you can watch with the sound off and it’s still mind-boggling.

Joanna Robinson didn’t really answer that question, did she? About Paul Rudd and babies. She has another, more urgent question. Which show should she watch next? “Archer” or “Breaking Bad”?

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