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In The First Images From Catching Fire Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Best "Peeta, Please" Look

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 27, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 27, 2012 |

I heard a rumor that many of you East-y Coast-y types will be getting your first snow today. Here in California it’s still somewhat toasty warmish but in honor of you who are about to shovel, I just want to say: it’s a magical world, ol’ buddies.

I must admit that even I succumbed to some Amazon deals over the weekend. I KNOW. Scully pointed out this hilarious “least helpful” tumblr of Amazon reviews to me. Truth be told, those headphones *are* a little penis-y. (Least Helpful)

“Sherlock” won’t be back until 2014 (at the earliest). Let’s all whip off our scarves dramatically in protest. (TMS)

But the show every *sshole loves to hate, “Girls,” will be back in January. Here is the first look at the next season. I, for one, am delighted to see the return of Adam Driver, who became my favorite character last year. I’m also excited to see Andrew Rannells who is much better on “Girls” than he is on his own show, “The New Normal.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Imagine your father wrote you a lengthy, scathing letter about how bitterly disappointed he is in you and your life choices. Now imagine that letter became the talk of the nation after it was printed for everyone to read. The father in question has given an interview to “The Telegraph” to confess he hasn’t been a very good father. You think? (Telegraph)

Aaron Paul promises that we, the nation, will not be disappointed by the final season of “Breaking Bad.” I love following Paul on Twitter mostly because it allows me to eye-drop on his bromance with Ewan McGregor. Which is adorable. (Warming Glow)
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Some enterprising folks in Russia have built a 170 ft. trampoline in an ancient forest. That guy in the first photo? That’s exactly who I imagined would be involved in building a 170 ft. trampoline in an ancient forest. (Knstrct)

If you thought Peeta as played by Josh Hutcherson was a little obnoxious in the first Hunger Games film, be prepared to further dislike him as he flails and splashes in the new arena in Catching Fire. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, looks completely badass. As per ush. (KP)

The cast of “Parks and Rec” posed for GQ “Hollywood Squares”-style. Oh, sure, make the two pudgiest people share a square. (GQ)

NPR has an interesting, NPR-ish piece on the dark history behind nutmeg. Don’t worry, NPR, we “American Horror Story” fans already knew the spice was bad news. (NPR)

“The Walking Dead“‘s Governor aka David Morrissey (who is officially OFF my “Surprisingly Sexy” list after this week’s episode) gives a great interview about what we can expect from the AMC show’s season finale. (Vulture)

Finally, to make it all better, here’s NPH with a lovely new web series involving puppets. (Don’t think about Elmo, don’t think about Elmo, don’t think about Elmo.)

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