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So Maybe Ryan Phillipe Is Not Such a Good Guy, Plus Lawrence O’Donnell Loses It In Leaked Rant

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 20, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 20, 2017 |

So, maybe Ryan Phillipe’s not such a good guy? He’s being sued for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend, but the police aren’t buying it, but the police aren’t buying it for the wrong damn reasons. Also, Phillipe has always given me the skeeves. Lainey breaks the case down wisely. (Lainey)

Unhinged rants between commercial breaks are not the sole purview of asshole conservative anchors, it appears. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell also went ballistic on his staff during a tape of his show back in August. Here’s the leaked footage, and I’ll say this: He yells like I do when I get angry with the kids, which is to say: They have zero fear, because it’s hard to take my anger seriously, even if it’s genuine. Same with Lawrence O’Donnell; it’s more funny than shocking. Looks like he had a really bad night. (Mediatite)

It helps that O’Donnell didn’t call anyone a sexist or racist name during his off-air rant (mostly, he just fumed). The same can’t be said for Kathy Griffin’s neighbor, CEO of KB Home Jeffrey Mezger, who called Griffin a lot of sexist, homophobic names, and even made fun of her bald head, which she shaved in solidarity with her sister, who died of cancer last week. So … yeah, this guy is clearly the worst kind of asshole. (Dlisted)

So, Jennifer Lawrence once yelled, “We’re all going down” on a flight once. Haven’t we all felt the urge to do the same? I guess the difference is, we’re not super famous people so we have to fight the urge. Not JLaw! (Celebitchy)

Who the hell is Emilia Wickstead and why is she looking at me like she’s about to swallow my soul? STOP IT. (GoFugYourself)

Damon Lindelof’s The Watchmen is happening for HBO (I’m of mixed emotions. I don’t care about another Watchmen adaptation, but I love Damon Lindelof unreservedly, so …) (Vulture)

Season 8 of The Walking Dead returns next month, and lemmie tell you something, people. It’s gonna be different this time. DIFFERENT. (Uproxx)

It was a bad day for breakups, folks: Lawrence Fishburne and Gina Torres have parted after 14 years of marriage, and Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have also split (Yes, they were still together, and no, Bilson isn’t married to Ashton Kutcher, and no, I have no idea what happened to Jake Lloyd). (Marie Claire)

Zach Snyder is done with the DCEU for good, it seems. He’s planning on adapting Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, BECAUSE OF COURSE HE IS. (FSR)

A fifth Game of Thrones prequel is now being developed by HBO. Wait, what? There were already four? Christ HBO. (/Film)

Evocatively named Cannonballer, TheShitWizard, reached her Cannonball (52 reviews) on the final book in V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series. Many fantasy series start off strong and then fall apart, but A Conjuring of Light is a well structured culmination of what has come before. Lila is still her favorite character and she was happy with the way the series ended. Have you read any of V.E. Schwab’s books? (Cannonball Read 9)

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