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In A Shocking Turn Of Events The People's Choice Awards Make The Right Choice

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 12, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 12, 2012 |

The People’s Choice Awards aired last night and, in an unprecedented display of good taste, the plebs People chose Chloe Moretz over the entire cast of Harry Potter in the “Best Actor Under 25” category. The rest of the list of winners are the usual suspects of “hunh?” “her?” and “people actually watch that?” But, for once, the most talented actor won. This pleased me. (Evil Beet)

P.S. I don’t know what Ewan MGregor was doing at the PCAs. I don’t know why he has a black leather band on his thigh, but I thank him for showing up and flashing those pearly whites. Here’s a collection of eye candy the talented male performers who joined him on the red carpet last night. (Celebitchy)

Do you want a link that combines talented male performers, 90s nostalgia and wang jokes? Well, then, SBrown and I have the link for you! Alan Tudyk may have just ruined pickles for me. Forever. (Twitter)

Speaking of ruiners, this list of 11 Insane Features of Normal Human Anatomy has made me really uncomfortable about my tongue. And it’s in my mouth. Right. Now. (Mental Floss)

I am both astonished and grateful that the ITV soap “Downton Abbey” has become such a breakaway hit. Usually I am alone in my love for fusty British things. Turns out all we needed was a dead, naked Turk to pique everyone’s interest. Here’s a mash-up of Beyonce lyrics and “Downtown Abbey” scenes. I know. But it works. (Downton Abbeyonce)

Speaking of fusty Brits, turns out a Jedi could teach them a thing or two about how to hold their cuppa. (That’s Nerdalicious)

While we’re on the subject of Star Wars, check out the great artwork from “paperbeatsscissors,” including these sweet yet existential droid posters. (Society6)

I’m going to hop from Star Wars to “Star Trek” without offending anyone. Right? Groovy, admin sent over this contest link. Turns out he’s always wanted a Tricorder. Funny, I would have pegged him as the Phaser type. (Topless Robot)

FSR has a great collection of the 14 Most Impressive Monologues In Movie History. Some of the usual suspects are here, but I was completely surprised by #2. I don’t disagree, I was just surprised. (FSR)

You want impressive monologues? Check out Dustin’s screed against AMC over their plans for the massively disappointing “The Killing.” I dunno, I found the news liberating. Another show officially bumped from the DVR. (Warming Glow)

Let’s direct our ire, instead, at all the *ssholes of the world who leave their cell phones on during performances. One particularly d*ckish gent let his phone interrupt the NY Philharmonic. You can read an eyewitness’s account here, and then hop on over to the Wall Street Journal for the conductor’s own take on the incident. (WSJ)

Speaking of cell phone etiquette, that bastion of rule and order, The Alamo Drafthouse, is hosting a worst of CGI special event. You know, I’m on record as hating the bulk of CGI and after you see this preview, you may be forced to agree.

Finally, this goes out to admin, TK and Prisco, without whom I would never have seen half these films. Enjoy this head ‘splodey supercut. But eat your lunch first.

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