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I'm Beginning To Forget What Johnny Depp's Actual Face Looks Like

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 8, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 8, 2012 |

If you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of the documentary Bully (aka Why The MPAA Can Suck It), then you’ll join us in a rousing cheer that the Canadian censors gave the film a PG rating. (The Daily What)

Like our Overlord Seth, I used to be rabidly devoted to the “Real World”/”Road Rules” challenges. But I stopped keeping track a few years ago and now none of the kids look familiar to me. Last night, one of the geniuses decided to imitate her ex-boyfriend by smearing her face in Nutella. Yes, dessert-based blackface everyone. This is what we’ve come to. (Vulture)

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is doing whiteface (again) for The Lone Ranger. To avoid any complaints that he’s not Native American? Because he has stock in Ben Nye? Because he is secretly covered in scales? (Twitter)

Happy International Women’s Day! Guess what one of the wealthiest women in America earned her millions selling? Something to make you look less fat! Yay women! (The Mary Sue)

Actually, here is a significantly better way to celebrate the day. A feisty rant punctuated with pop culture gifs. It’ll pop the diaphragm right out of your lady areas. (Ann Friedman)

And fellas, I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for your preferred method of birth control, because this new footage of “The Greendale 7” (aka your friends from “Community”) will cause your Trojan to burst. (Warming Glow)

Oof, that’s quite enough graphic language. Here’s something that’ll throw ice water on your libido: Val Kilmer in his new film. You can see more photos of that plus Timberlake’s awesome new beard here. (Film Drunk)

When you watch the opening to “Game of Thrones,” do you sing along with the theme music? ME NEITHER, THAT WOULD BE WEIRD. You know who does? The Stark kids. (Nerd Approved)

While I certainly like “The Greendale 7,” my favorite entourage of all time has to be “The Vicious Circle.” You can read more about them and six other entourages that changed the world. Spoiler Alert, no Johnny Drama in sight. (Neatorama)

And because everybody loves a mash-up, check out these images of the Toy Story cast doing The Shining. (Kyle Lambert)

I don’t know who currently has possession of Heath Ledger’s much-deserved posthumous Oscar, but I say we let Tom Waits have it. Look at this interview of a 29-year-old Waits and tell me Ledger didn’t copy his every mannerism. (Badass Digest)

You know how sometimes, by accident, Hollywood produces something great? And then, in the hopes of squeezing more money from it, they suck all the joy and originality out of it by making it a franchise? In other news, Chronicle is getting a sequel. (Bleeding Cool)

Ah, but the franchise that has my vote, The Hunger Games, has inspired Lenny Kravitz to take off his shirt. Why? I don’t know why, we don’t question these things. (Celebitchy)

Apparently the sun is spewing a bunch of chunks at us today. No, I assure you, that’s the technical term. Break out your shades and don’t count on your GPS. (The Awl)

Some chappie over at Buzzfeed seems to think I should feel uncomfortable that the ginger kid from “Salute Your Shorts” has a teenage daughter. Really, truly, no offense to the girl who seems lovely and nice from this one picture I have seen of her, but I’m not completely convinced that’s not Budnick in drag. (Buzzfeed)

Did you know you could mute certain topics from your Twitter feed? Such as news about Budnick? Or, more relevant to your interests, constant updates from SXSW?* Here’s how. (GOOD)

Yeah “30 Rock” has gone downhill and, specifically, the Kenneth character has become all but useless, but somehow I missed this running joke about him. Well played, Fey. Well played.

Finally, I don’t know why this commercial made me laugh as much as it did, but this razor company spokesman just nailed it. I have no need for your product, sir, but I’m mightily tempted to buy what you’re selling.

*I’m just jealous and sad about SXSW and will miss you all!

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