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If I Were Ryan Gosling, I'd Totally Date Myself

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 10, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 10, 2011 |

Good morning starshines. The earth says hello. Last weekend in a post-Wedding, post-Open Bar, post-Journey haze, my friend and I thought we saw several shooting stars but were worried we were hallucinating under the influence of Steve Perry. Turns out it was the beginning of the Perseid Meteor shower which was at its brightest early this morning. You can still catch some meteors this weekend, my amateur astronomers, in the glare of the full moon. (Wired)

Meteor showers are so jaw-droppingly gorgeous it’s almost enough to make me believe in a higher power. Almost. The tempestuous Ms. Paddydog sent me this adorable piece called “God’s Journal.” It’s all about the comments, folks, and about how you vultures are never satisfied. Aw, I still love you. (New Yorker)

Speaking of The Creator of Worlds (emphasis on Worlds), here’s a discussion of a multiple worlds theory. Or, rather, the Our Universe Is A Giant Lie theory. Whatever happens, I want to end up in the universe that has Pacey. FRINGE JOKE! That’s right, I watched “Fringe” instead of “Breaking Bad.” It was time Pace-ily spent, thank you very much. (Discover)

Speaking of Giant Lies, I wish this “cake” were one. It’s made of bologna, cream cheese and, DEAR FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, spray cheese. And you’re supposed to serve it with wine. I may vomit EVERYWHERE. (Gojee)

PALATE CLEANSER! Here is a round-up of the nation’s best cities for ice cream. Is yours on here? We here in the Bay Area have TWO entries. Suck on our artisinal desserts, everyone else. (Yahoo)

Oh, Ryan Gosling, your love is better than ice cream. If you haven’t seen Crazy Stupid Love yet, I gotta say, it has my stamp of approval. Gosling is lethally charming. He’s also rather dear in this “Esquire” interview. Especially his weird love of candy. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of candy, think of the most harmless thing. Something you loved from your childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy you. Look they made a plushie out of it! (Geek Alerts)

While we’re on the subject of the paranormal, that mysterious goo that was plaguing an Alaskan village? TURNS OUT IT’S EGGS. What’s the over/under on our government just nuking that entire town? You know, on account of pod people…I may have seen too many movies. (NPR)

I know I’ve already linked to the Wild West version of these Star Wars action figures, but the fellow who made them has a whole series. The WWII version is my favorite, but the samurais are also pretty amazing. (Sillof)

Listen, kittens, if you thought that photo of the Nevermind baby all grown up was scary, check out these images of Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean. First of all, she’s absolutely beautiful. Secondly, HOT DAMN I’M OLD. (Heidi Slimane)

The good folks over at Blastr have, in reaction to the all the Anne Hathaway/Catwoman nontroversy, come up with a list of controversial comic book casting that turned out jim dandy. Hunh, I thought the Ed Norton Hulk was universally hated. No? Just me? Okay. (Blastr)

Speaking of biochemistry (the Hulk is a biochemical creation yes? no? right?), did you know that there are entire sections of your brain that do…WE DON’T KNOW WHAT. This article talks about one that shuts down every time you do an activity but goes active when you’re at rest. It’s your second thoughts, and they’re freaking me out. (Psychology Today)

Okay, this story of a gay man who is being deported and can no longer care for his sick husband? It sort of made me cry with anger. (SF Gate) So let’s have a look at this video of a soldier telling his fellow officer (or, likely, subordinate…there are a lot of “sirs” being tossed about) that he’s gay. The reaction? Heart warming.

And, finally, here is a video preview of a new “How To Train Your Dragon” stage show. The dragon puppet looks phenomenal.

Joanna Robinson is a bit of an idiot and forgot to make note of who sent her which link. If you were a contributor today, please do take ALL the credit in the comments section. She implores you.

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