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Ian McKellen Has Cancer, You Say? Well F*ck You Too, Universe.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 11, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 11, 2012 |

Happy Hobbit Week, my little Haflings! How are we feeling? Is your pipe-weed packed? Your pantry brimming? Did you remember to bring your handkerchief? Only three more days until the premiere (two if you’re an adorable, horn of Gondor-blowing, midnight screening type). To tide you over, here’s a morsel or two of Hobbit-y linkage. First of all, did you know Ian McKellan has been living with cancer for the past few years? Of course you didn’t. Because he’s kept it to himself. In fact, in revealing it now, he’s very blasé about it. He’s an international treasure, keeps your damn hands off of him, cancer. (THR)

If you’re worried about keeping the 13 dwarves of The Hobbit straight and are unwilling to use my system (hot one, fat one, tall one…), here’s a handy, printable guide to recognizing the little beardos. (LOTR Project)

This full body cable knit onesie looks rather hobbitish, doesn’t it? But where is the flap, man? WHERE IS THE FLAP? (Obvious Winner)

Though you won’t see much of Benedict Cumberbatch in the first Hobbit film, the internet is all a-flutter over who he will be playing in the next Star Trek film. My burning question is “WHY?” WHY DO WE CARE? Did it matter who Marion Cotillard was playing in The Dark Knight Rises? No. Most assuredly not. Anyway, if you care enough to speculate, here’s a new “clue.” Or “red herring.” Or something. Have at it, Sherlocks. (Boing Boing)

Unreality has a list of the 20 most badass Star Wars tattoos. I don’t know how “badass” these wee light sabers are, but they are ridiculously adorable. (Unreality)

Speaking of miniature. cute things, this baby chameleon photo looks like a total Rango-festation. (Twisted Sifter

Friend of the site and hilarious dude, Brock Wilbur is releasing his Filmpocalypse project wherein he spent a year reviewing one apocalyptic film per week. Trust me, this dude is going places, take this chance to say you knew him when. (Filmpocalypse)

Here’s a round-up of the best commercials of 2012. No, really, they’re the funny ones, not the relentlessly and oppressively cheer-some Holiday ones. (WG)

Speaking of Holiday things, I am agog at this giant tree made of saucers and cups. (Colossal)

The ever-so-lovely Mrs. Julien thought you Pajibans might enjoy these fancy octopus ornaments. (Crate & Barrel)

Speaking of fine cinema, the Critic’s Choice nominations have been released…ergo, Affleck is finally gonna win that Oscar. (TFE)

You’ll be forgiven if you were distracted in that last link by the bondage gear Anne Hathaway is wearing on her calves. Check it out from all angles in this spread. It’s okay, just this once, to let your inner celeb*tch out. (Celebitchy wenn20024048.jpg

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