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I Totally Would've Voted for Meryl Streep as Prom Queen of My High School and My Heart

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 25, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 25, 2012 |

Last week, I shared a story about my encounter with Josh Saviano back in his law school days. This week, someone digs up the deets on three former child-stars (including Saviano) and their law careers. Charlie Korsmo (Can’t Hardly Wait) did really well for himself. (Yahoo!)

It’s a good thing those guys found law jobs when they did, because right now? It’s not so good for graduating lawyers, only 55 percent of which are employed in full-time jobs. (Gawker)

Over on Twitter, Louis C.K. fulfilled one woman’s lifelong dream of being called a c**t by Louis C.K. on Twitter. Louis C.K. is the best, y’all. (Uproxx)

Who else remembered Emma Stone got her start on reality television, winning a contest to be the in the new class of “The Partridge Family.” It’s true! (Daily Beast)

If others, like myself, were also disappointed in Brave, here’s a nice rundown of 15 Reasons Why Brave didn’t feel like a Pixar movie. (Slashfilm)

Despite my apathy to cats, I wouldn’t withhold this from you: Here’s your favorite album covers reproduced by kittens. (Tumblr)

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps getting older, but his future ex-girlfriends keep staying the same age. (Sun)

Over the weekend, DammitJanet emailed me about her MSTK-like experience with movie knock-off, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombiesr, and lo and behold, today I find a piece on the knock-off industry: Those direct-to-DVD parasite movies that exploit the million-dollar studio campaigns and user confusion to sell a few copies on Redbox. (LAT)

Here’s a neat-o map of TV Show settings across the United States. It’s mostly blue-state, but for some reason, it never dawned on me that “Community” was set in a red state. (via Flavorwire)


Also on Flavorwire, James L. Brooks, Matthew Weiner, and Norman Lear are conspicuously absent from their list of the all-time great television writers, but they got all the other modern ones right (though, a case could be made for David E. Kelley). (Flavorwire)

Christ, Christ, Christ: A 52-year-old Swedish dude went into a jealous rage after his wife threatened divorce, waited until she fell asleep, THEN CUT OFF HER LIP AND ATE IT. Why? Because he didn’t want her kissing anyone else. Ever. Humanity is the worst. (Jezebel)

BUZZKILL ALERT: Over on Gawker, they’re making the argument that Karen Klein — the bullied bus-driver who will be the recipient of over half a million dollars raised by the Internet — shouldn’t take the money because it sends a bad message. You know what? Fuck the message: That woman has clearly had a rough life, and the school-bus bullying is probably a drop in the bucket. Has she earned the money? Who the fuck cares? Blow it all on moon pies and penny whistles, lady. And buy yourself a nice purse. (Gawker)

Jessica Simpson — who just signed a $3 million contract with Weight Watchers — took a picture of her HOLY SHIT. Her baby is not going hungry anytime soon. (The Superficial)

Here’s five instances in which the musical artists sued after a song of theirs appeared in a commercial, and Levon Helm’s quote to the effect that “The Weight” wasn’t written “to be a fucking jingle” should allay any fears you may have had about him selling out late in life. (AdFreak)

Here’s six comic books that are way better than the movie. ONLY SIX? (Unreality)

Steve Carell says he won’t reappear on “The Office” because he thinks that people would ultimately be disappointed. Steve, dude, honestly, we can’t be any more disappointed with the show than we already are, man. (Vulture)

Jenny McCarthy says she’s really proud of her Playboy spread, and who could blame her? Thirty-nine years old and not a wrinkle on her. (Celebitchy)

Y’all. Y’ALL. Not that she’s not today, but Meryl Streep was a total honey in high school. (FilmDrunk)

You know what’s wrong with kids today? Instead of educating them, our teachers are spending more time ensuring that THEY DO ADORABLE THINGS. Here’s a kindergarten graduation ceremony in which the kids perform Madonna’s “Vogue.” Strike a pose. (Videogum)

Because I can’t help myself, here’s another video of a Dad losing his shit on a Dollywood Ride. He’s a ninny, but he seems like a great goddamn father.

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