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I Didn't Start Singing "Leather and Lace" When I Saw This Photo. You Can't Prove It.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 6, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 6, 2011 |

Happy Monday my little buckets of golden popcorn. To be honest, I had forgotten the MTV Awards were even happening this weekend. Award shows aren’t really my beat. (Courtney is so lucky.) I do, however, have fond memories of watching the MTV Movie Awards when I was a teenager, you know, right in the ol’ MTV target demographic. This was back when I liked Ben Stiller. I won’t lie, I still make Armagedd’nSync references. But as far as what went on this weekend? Well snarking on the Red Carpet “Fashion” aside, I’d say the only thing really worth noting is Reese Witherspoon’s withering assessment of some of the younger women in her field. Also, Lifetime Achievement Award?! How old is Reese? Are MTV years like dog years? Is Reese the dog in this scenario? (NY Mag)

Speaking of red carpet “fashion,” you know what is always the best accessory, gents? Your g-ma. Here is my very first on-screen crush, the original Fassbender, Mr. Ewan McGregor, with his wee little Nanna. (Celebitchy)]

How good does Ewan’s new flick Beginners look? So good. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, the movie is about a young man whose elderly father (Christopher Plummer) comes out of the closet. It looks like it might warm my cold black heart right up. Speaking of the gays, Home Depot has taken a very pro-gay stance, an unusual position for such a big box store. This makes me want to go out and replace my rain gutters or something. (Boing Boing)

Oh! Or maybe I can build myself this typographical bookcase. It’s number 2 on my list of wants after this Jurassic Park vehicle. Cleveh Geep. (Jurassic Park Jeep)

So we all know that neither Miss Sarah Palin nor her employer Fox News is very cleveh. (That’s Tina Fey not Sarah Palin, you macaroons.) Over the weekend Miss Palin made a rather humorous historical gaffe about Paul Revere. Fine, she’s not terribly well-educated and is super unsmooth when “put on the spot” with “gotcha” questions. Okay, Sarah, just say oops and call it a day. What? You’re defending your error?!?! WHAT? YOUR MINIONS ARE LITERALLY TRYING TO REWRITE HISTORY?! (Gather)

That sort of stubborn, willful ignorance makes me crazy. Maybe I can employ one of these 52 Bad Dudes to knock some sense into her well-coiffed head. A lot of them are villains but I guess the artist means “bad” in the Michael Jackson sense…JGL’s Arthur was bad-ass…so I guess that counts.

Speaking of the gangly gents, Warming Glow has a rather snarky post implying that one of my favorite actors, Martin Starr (BILL HAVERCHUCK!) is woefully miscast as a romantic lead. This assertion is so shocking I almost didn’t link the story, but then you wouldn’t be able to squeal and clap your hands with me at the idea of a film starring a trifecta of my TV faves: Lizzy Caplan (“Party Down”), Martin Starr (“Party Down,” “Freaks and Geeks”) and Allison Brie (“Mad Men,” “Community,” your naughty daydreams). When is it opening? Is it opening now? How about now? (Warming Glow)

In freakish news, some enterprising artist is attempting to illustrate all of H.P. Lovecraft’s Creatures. Good luck topping the Cthulhu Weiner Roaster, dude. (Cool Material)

Speaking of creatures, does the fact that whales have their own dialects/accents make you more or less afraid of them? Me, I always thought whales were rather cuddly, but humungous smart things make me a-sceered. (Science Daily)

I’m sorry, my fearless readers, did I make you a-sceered as well? Here, I’ll break my “no cute animals” rule to bring you this MacGyver cat video. Kind of super cuddly, right?

Finally, we have the cuddliest creature of them all, the doughy, white a cappella nerd singing “hip-hop.” I’m such a sucker for a cappella nerds. Enjoy this Will Smith mash-up, Big Whitey-style.

Joanna Robinson is wondering who arranged Steve Carrell’s hair in that header picture. Doesn’t he sort of look like your dad trying to be cool? Email!

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