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I Can't Be The Only One Who Thinks Michael Caine Looks Like Yoda

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 7, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 7, 2011 |

Hey there Pajiban cats and kittens. Did you know that before he hit the big time, our overlord Seth was in a band called Vaz Hoil? Did you know they had a song called Luv Spackle? Did you know that because I love you, I’m going to let you listen to it? (Vaz Hoil)

Sometime in the past (fine, yesterday), I said that I was not a comics person. I’ve made one exception and that’s for Joss Whedon (Fray, the Angel comics and Buffy Season 8). Comics still don’t resonate with me, and this motion comic of Buffy even less. Now the characters not only look wrong but sound wrong. (Fear Net)


A) He shot first. B) He’s rocking the G and the L but could use a little work on the T. He’s Greedo the Guido. (Deviantart)

I used to have a job answering querulous and batshit complaint emails. I wish I had had the Chutzpah of the 1974 Cleveland Browns. And this, right here, is probably the closest this link wench will ever get to a sports story. (Deadspin)

I warned you that I like trailer mash ups. “Don’t cross the dreams.” (Geekosystem)

Ever longed to write a truly dreadful novel? I mean, something that would make Dan Brown look like Faulkner? Have you considered the genre of Romance? In case you’re not tempted to click on this link, the novel under scrutiny is called “Unicorn Vengeance.” I mean, come on. (The Pitch )

You know how Oprah is forever yodeling about her favorite things? I’m beginning to feel Oprah-esque in my yodeling. “The Onion” and I really want you to check out DOOUG BEENSOOOON’S POOOODCAAAAST. Really, it makes me ugly laugh. Click through to page two. (AV Club)

One thing Dustin did when he was running the P. Love beat last week was let us know about discounts and deals. My broke as a joke self rather appreciated that. So did you know that Amazon is selling the Blue-Ray editions of The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and The Neverending Story on the cheap? Also, did you know that if you take the Fireys, the Skeksis, or the G’mork you have the lead villains of all of my childhood nightmares? (Amazon)

Okay, I’ve never credited CNN for their sharp sense of humor, but do yourself a favor and click through this entire seemingly boring slide show. Sly punchline from the reputable news site! (CNN)

All I know about Chick-fil-A I learned from that Ben Folds song (we don’t have them in my neck of the woods). Oh, also, they are very likely homophobic. Somewhat. Maybe. It’s complicated. (The Advocate)

The Huffington Post has gathered NASA’s most stunning photos of 2010. I can’t tell you how hard it is to believe some of these shots are real. (Huffington Post)

I loooove impressions. Do you love impressions? The go-to impression here in the states is Christopher Walken, yes? Kevin Pollack, Jay Mohr and many others knock that one out of the park. In the UK, apparently, the go to impression is Sir Michael Caine. Here’s a clip of Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan from their show “The Trip” wherein they compare their Caines (unintentional euphemism!).

Here, however, is a true master. May I present, Michael Caine doing Michael Caine.

Joanna Robinson was stunned the other day to find out that Michael Caine’s given name is Maurice Mickelwhite. You can email other lamentable names (Archibald Leach comes to mind) to [email protected]

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