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I Always Suspected Eliza Dushku Was Dumber Than A Bag Of Gravel, Now It's Official

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 27, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 27, 2011 |

If you missed it earlier this week, Buzzfeed has a gallery of 60 Gay Couples who were married in New York over the weekend. Someone pointed out that the whole matchy-matchy concept between groom/groom and bride/bride was a little…interesting. I mean, when I get married it’s going to be an über obnoxious “LOOK AT ME I’M SO PRETTY” kind of day. If my lesbian bride Kate Winslet shows up wearing the same thing, Imma be pissed. While we’re on the subject of dressing alike, here is a supremely weird yet kind of fascinating tumblr Pinky McLadybits sent me. (I Like Looking Like Other People)

And while I do have those bridezilla instincts, sometimes I feel like a total failure as a female of the species. I mean, ladies and drag queens, what is the deal with fake eyelashes? WHY ARE THEY IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT ON? WHY WOULD YOU PUT GLUE NEAR YOUR EYEBALL? If I could manage to wrangle false eyelashes, I would want to wear these papercut ones. Everyday. I would wear them to the store. (Paper Self)

Also, unlike most women and, in fact, any human with a beating heart, I was not overwhelmed by the cuteness of Wall-E. That being said, this real-life Wall-E robot? Pretty f*cking cute. Thanks, Case. (AV Club)

Also, did we learn nothing from Wall-E? The folks at Yosemite are planning to thin thousands of trees in order to preserve certain views in the park. Chopping down trees in order to maintain certain views for tourists? Yes I’m sure that’s exactly what John Muir had in mind. (GOOD)

On the other side of the Good Works coin, Whedon Doll, Eliza Dushku, is in Uganda building a trauma and healing rehabilitation center for former child soldiers and war victims. I think that’s amazing and admira-A PLANKING PHOTO, DUSHKU? REALLY? (Blame It On The Voices)

Thanks to Sara Tonin for this fantastic list of foreign idioms we ought to introduce into the English Language. Her favorite and mine comes from Germany. Kummerspeck: Excess weight gained from overeating due to emotional problems. Translates as ‘grief bacon.’ I want to start a screamo band called Grief Bacon. (Allermann)

Speaking of sh*tty music , the site Critical Condition is doing a Tournament of The Best Pop Songs Since 1981. Get in and vote and help me ensure Lady Gaga does not make it past the first cut. You can see the bracket here: Vote! I know you care!

Were you wondering how Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis got so damn handsome? Well here’s an intricate breakdown of the evolution of our little Neville Longbottom. (I Love Charts)

Speaking of goofy-ass Matthews I love, I’ve always had a shameful affection for Matthew Lillard. This story, where an internet writer (they are they scum of the earth, are they not?) begs Lillard to punch him in the face only makes me like the actor more. (Evil Beet)

I don’t share the same misguided affection for former “SNL” cast member Chris Kattan, but I do appreciate the fact that Jimmy Fallon seems to have a lot of loyalty when it comes to his old friends/co-stars. I’ve seen Horatio Sanz on “Late Night” several times and this week Kattan will be a guest every. single. night. Risky, but sweet. (Warming Glow)

I do love fairytales. Who doesn’t. I’m really disgusted with Hollywood’s recent plot to destroy them (first the Twilightening of Red Riding Hood and now this lip bitey Joan of Arc as Snow White monstrosity). Anyway, as far as reinterpretations go, I much prefer these minimalist fairytale posters. The Pied Piper is my favorite. (The Curious Brain)

Speaking, as we were, of pop songs, a Danish a capella vocal group, Local Vocal, has released this medley of 90’s hits. If anything you should watch it for the beard-o in the bottom row. He’s a beat boxer and the expressions he makes are priceless.

Finally, here is a gorgeous video which cleverly celebrates some of the great names in Title Design. For some reason, I think the Opening Titles for Sneakers will always be my favorite.

A History Of The Title Sequence from jurjen versteeg on Vimeo.

Joanna Robinson expects to be snorted at for her Lillard love. Watch “SLC Punk”, haters.

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