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Hugh Grant Drops The Stammer To Strike A Blow At The Paparazzi

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 22, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 22, 2011 |

Just in case you forgot, Mickey Rourke reminds you that he is a pretty vile (oh yeah I said it) human being. Calls “most actresses” the c-word k-word. (FilmDrunk)

Speaking of actresses, someone did a lot of research to determine what we already knew. Ladies don’t get as much work, screen time and dialogue as their male counterparts. “In a survey of the top 100-grossing movies of 2009…researchers found that 32.8% of the 4,342 speaking characters were female and 67.2% were male, a percentage identical to that of the top-grossing movies of 2008.” I’ll be interested to see how 2011 breaks down. (LA Times)

Someone else did oodles of research to determine which SNL character had the most repeated appearances. Here’s the top 25. You’ll be surprised and underwhelmed by number one and filled with…what is this…nostalgia?…for Mike Myers. (Vulture)

Someone made a list for the book/TV obsessed like me. Here is a good and at times stellar list of TV Charactes and their literary counterparts. Ron Swanson and Hemingway? OKAY! (Flavorwire)

Speaking of “literature,” I’ve read some interesting pieces this week in defense of “Twilight.” Not that I agree with them, I’m just continually surprised by the very intelligent women defending the franchise. This piece seems to argue that some dislike “Twilight” because they aren’t ready for the jelly of female-driven fantasy. (Time) This one, by the wonderful Jill Pantozzi, expresses puzzlement over the level vitriol “Twilight” inspires. (Nerdy Bird) For me, personally, I think it’s dangerous to underestimate the influence this book has on young women. To say it’s just a silly book or that no girl is really taking the Bella/Edward relationship to heart is to ignore that fact that YOU CAN NOW BUY BELLA’S WEDDING DRESS FOR $799. And many girls will. I hope your headboard is made of stronger stuff, ladies. (CinemaBlend)

My schadenfreude only extends so far. I’m not one for rejoicing when people are out of work. But I can take a moment to savor the delicious just desserts served up to a foreclosure law firm which went out of business this week. Some of the injudicious legal crew thought it would be hilarious to dress up as homeless victims of foreclosure for Halloween this year. Charming. (Buffalo News)

Someone made a list of TV/Film computer nerds with nary a Hacker or a Sneaker? FOR SHAME! (Den Of Geek)

There was some discussion yesterday in the comments that leads me to believe many of you are highly conscientious consumers. Here’s a handy tool that allows you to see how the companies you buy from lobbied Congress. (Boing Boing)

Some of his classmates have been bullying one of Jerry Sandusky’s victims. So much so that he has dropped out of his school. Color me appalled. (ABL)

I’m going to drown my sorrows in this Ryan Gosling pancake. YOU HEARD ME. Too sexy for this plate. (That’s Nerdalicious)

Speaking of too sexy, I am digging the hell out of these classic comic hero redesigns. Rogue was always a favorite of mine. (Unreality)

If drowning my sorrows in pancakes won’t do, maybe I’ll try this hyper scary HR Giger bar in Switzerland. (Laughing Squid)

A new Serge Gainsbourg tribute album has been released with many familiar names including Johnny Depp and his wife Vanessa Paradis. “She does the heavy lifting singing-wise, while he mostly murmurs sensual come-ons.” SOLD! (Cover Me Songs)

You may not care at all about the paparazzi, the British press, the wire-tapping scandal or the rights of certain individuals to privacy. That’s fine. Skip on down to ze video! I, on the other had, found this statement from Hugh Grant very illuminating. There’s the usual “I did not bang a 21-year-old German girl” nonsense in there, but mostly he talks about the mother of his child and the persecution she endured at the hands of a relentless, shady, at threatening press. (Leveson Inquiry)

In which someone has spliced together all the Total Recall commentary bits where Schwarzenegger literally transcribes the action on the screen. It’s like DVD commentary for the visually impaired.

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