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How Would You Like to See Katy's Whipped-Cream Perrys on the Big Screen? In 3D?

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 1, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 1, 2012 |

Sad news in the entertainment world, as “Soul Train” host Don Cornelius committed suicide last night. He was 75. Peace, love, and soul, brother. (LA Times)

What is the saddest song of all time? According to a research study, it’s REM’s “Everybody Hurts,” followed by “Candle in the Wind” and then … Mike and the Mechanic’s “The Living Years”? I’m going to go with Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” followed closely by Joni Mitchell’s “The River.” What do you got, folks? Saddest song? (The Telegraph)

Some dude tried to live like Bear Grylls for a year. He died like Christopher McCandless in less than a month. (Warming Glow)

This ranking of the 50 Coolest Shows Ever does not include “Doctor Who,” but it does include “Portlandia,” which I find to be the opposite of cool. Just me? (Shortlist)

Bill Murray is 61 years old, and he’s still cooler than every single damn one of us, as he demonstrated once again on Letterman last night. (Uproxx)

Courtney can put away her shotgun now. Taylor Swift will NOT be playing Eponine in the Les Miserables movie. Another woman is. I’ve never heard of her, although you stage folk probably have. (Movieline)

Unreality looks at bad endings that ruined otherwise excellent horror films and uses The Descent as its test case. (Unreality)

Donkey semen, Take 11: The twins who drank the equine spunk on “Fear Factor” are actually really attractive, though that doesn’t remove the thought of the “Hay” aftertaste. (Screenjunkies)

The ladies over at Hot Ink explore the bi-curiosities and run down their girl crushes. (Hot Ink)

Slate did a number on Spielberg, after one of its writers watched his entire oeuvre: “Beneath all his technical wizardry is only a simulacrum of aesthetics. The gassy high-mindedness; the complete lack of all but the most bland humor or self-awareness; the boring, slightly pompous exposition that bespeaks a person whose every word is hung on, and never challenged, for far too long.” No comment (but I kind of agree). (Slate)

What’s Breitbart done to piss me off today? They’re calling for Tea Party comic-book writers to rise up and challenge Alan Moore and other comic-book writers infusing their stories with Occupy themes. (Big Hollywood)

Someone got really annoyed with me yesterday because I didn’t include the next Bond flick, Skyfall, in my predictions for the 10 Highest Grossing Films of the year. But look dude: They’re huge overseas. Here, the highest grossing Bond flick was $168 million. I don’t think that makes the cut, not that I’m not looking forward to the movie myself. Here’s the first image from the movie.


The typically very mild-mannered Peter Sciretta provided this Pajiba-worthy headline today: “Red Box To Warner Bros: Shove That 56-Day Rental Delay Up Your Ass!” Nice, Peter. We’ve officially lost our one competitive advantage. (Slashfilm)

Who could possibly be interested in a Katy Perry concert movie in 3D? It’s coming soon to a theater near you. (Vulture)

Oh, look: Terry Richardson strikes again with the redesigned cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Look! It’s the back of her head. How very … something something.


I know. It’s called Celebitchy. But it makes me so mad when it’s this bitchy. This is a perfectly good headline, except for the question mark: “Emma Watson declared ‘Most Beautiful Face’ in the world: good choice?” (Celebitchy)

Many of you may know of my guilty fondness for sh*tty dance porn: They’re awesome, if you just fast forward to the eyeball melting dance sequences. Here’s nearly five minutes of money shots, a jaw-dropping trailer for a real-life break-dance tournament that’s so good you’ll give yourself high-fives for watching it.

Two videos today, because I’m feeling generous: Here’s OK Go performing for the tykes on “Sesame Street.” There’s no Rube Goldberg sequences, but the song is pretty great.

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