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How Much Would You Pay To Fill Your TV Screen With Only The Images You Want?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 20, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 20, 2012 |

I’m hoping this story will wrap your cold bitter hearts up in a cuddly blanket. In a rad thread on Reddit, a woman who will turn 100 years old in two days is answering questions. If this is some kind of hoax, I swear I will burn the internet down. Thanks, mswas! (Reddit)

Speaking of hoaxes, you may have heard something about the Mike Daisey/NPR/lying liar scandal. If you missed it, one of Daisey’s monologues was aired on “This American Life” as “news” when it was, in fact, largely fabricated/exaggerated. Having seen a few of Daisey’s monologues live, I’m not sure how they could ever be mistaken for the truth, but, at the same time, I’m shocked SHOCKED that anyone would lie to Ira Glass. (Washington Post)

For those of you still following, TechCrunch has an interview with the reporter who “exposed” Daisey’s lies. (TechCrunch)

If that fails to “shock” you (and it does me, this isn’t Stephen Glass redux, no matter what people say), then maybe these six shocking moments from mainstream TV will. I never saw this episode of “Punky Brewster,” I think I would have been scarred for life. Obviously, spoilers abound. (Unreality)

Naturally, one of those shocking moments on that list came from the last season of “Game Of Thrones.” How excited are we for season two, my little Wildlings and White Walkers? I’m so excited I’m willing to include this new sketch of a rather old joke.

Speaking of Ye Olde Dramaes, the BBC has hired Matthew Macfadyen (the lesser Darcy) for a new Victorian crime series called “Ripper Street.” Personally, I’m still waiting for the long ago promised Anthony Stewart Head vehicle “Ripper.” (Deadline)

I’ve got two little memes for you this morning, pets. The first is this more-entertaining-than-it-should-be “One Tiny Hand” meme. Someone on Twitter mentioned “Tiny Handjobs” and I nearly snorted my delicious French Roast. (Uproxx)

The second meme is significantly weirder (I know, the internet, she is strange). I present, celebrities who look like mattresses. Oh, January Jones, I can’t wait for “Mad Men” to return so I can resume hating you. (Facebook)
jan jones.jpg

Speaking of Tiny Handjobs, Esquire has published their 2012 Sex Survey. Did you know that 10% of men don’t believe Oral Sex counts as Sex? DESPITE IT HAVING THE WORD SEX IN IT? Oh, Bill Clinton, what hath you wrought? (Esquire)

Speaking of Clintons, apparently Hillary is spearheading an investigation into what happened to Amelia Earheart. Why Hillary? Click the link and you’ll see. (LaughterKey)

There’s a new batch of stills from The Avengers where everyone looks grim and upset. Obviously, these images come from that latter half of the movie after Joss has murdered everyone’s favorite character. I will say this, Jeremy Renner gives good glower. (DailyBlam)

I want to snuggle all of these nerd mash-ups. I’m not sold on the title “I Know That Feel Bro.” Dear nerds, you’re supposed to like English…please use it. (Nerd Approved)

Oh you thought that was nerdy? HA! That is but a drop in the nerd bucket. This essay on the efficacy of the Death Star trash compacter, however, is full nerd. It’s gone plaid. (McSweeney’s)

It may be maudlin, but that’s not going to stop me from following this Titanic Twitter account. In honor of the 100th Anniversary, someone is tweeting as if they were the captain and crew. Things are going to get real interesting in about 26 days. (Neatorama)

I found this article on the way in which streaming music sites (e.g. Spotify) are affecting the Billboard charts. Also, I’m super ashamed to admit that I like that “We Are Young” song and was even more ashamed when I found out the band’s stupid name. (Village Voice)

Some teacher has been suspended for reading “pornographic material” to his kids. That material? “Ender’s Game.” Mmmmm, that ol’ time religion strikes again. Also, if you think that is disturbing, check out the local media coverage of the teacher’s suspension. (io9)

Dustin has a depressing look at how much you could be paying for cable if channels were offered a la carte. That’s right, all classy cleavage all the time. That’s the dream, man. (Warming Glow)

One of the best things on my TV, Aziz Asari, has elected to go the Louis CK route and distribute his new stand-up special himself. You can buy it on his website for only $5. RIGHT NOW. (Aziz Ansari)

Speaking of “Parks and Recreation” stars, the lovely Chris Pratt proves he’s more than just a lovable idiot. He’s a lovable idiot in a Jedi robe.

Finally, the very best political parody I’ve seen so far this campaign season. Won’t the real Mitt Romney please stand up?

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