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How Gorgeous Do Matt Smith And His Real Doll Companion Co-Star Karen Gillan Look?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 28, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 28, 2011 |

Oh, my timorous typos and spot-on spoonerisms. If you’ve read this column for any length of time or have the misfortune of knowing me on the facebooks or Twitter, you know that no JRo status/tweet/column is complete without a typographical error or five. Thankfully most of you are kinder and gentler than the folks in this link. I honestly don’t know why you put up with me. (Happy Place)

Oh I know why! It’s because you rely on me to bring you hard-hitting, relevant news that makes your day complete. For example, that Nordic Slice of Lutefisk, that Towering Blonde Inferno of Sexual Heat, The Third Best Reason To Watch “True Blood” and #7 on the 2011 Pajiba Bangable List is now single. WHOOO! Oh, so’s Kate Bosworth I suppose. Yay? (Celebitchy)

I brought up the internet meme “planking” yesterday when mocking (the very pretty, very nice, super untalented) Eliza Dushku. Many of you brought up “owling.” So, for those of you who don’t know, this is owling. I’d say it’s the Winged Herald of Idiocracy in our times. But my favorite meme currently sweeping ye olde internets is this one: (Spock Is Not Impressed)

You know what’s highly illogical? The fact that L.A. had a riot last night. About sports? No. About politics? Nay. IT WAS ABOUT MUSIC OR DANCING OR ECSTASY OR SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW. The Sweaty, Trance-y Herald Of Idiocracy In Our Times. (LA Times )

Barring that phenomenal hipster episode of “Happy Endings” last season, this is my favorite hipster-related burn ever. It’s a college orientation music video called “Hipsters Are Roaming The Campus.” Wolf Sweater, Wolf Sweater, Dostoyevsky. (Uproxx)

Hey, look! GQ ranked the Ten Douchiest Colleges in America. Awww, the guy I thought I was going to marry went to The Number One Douchiest College. I should have known better. (GQ)

Speaking of fancy book learnin’, how in love with this art installation am I? Very. THAT’S NOT SYMMETRICAL STACKING! (Wary Meyers)

Ahhh, Ghostbusters, I will never not quote you. You and Jurassic Park. Which reminds me, the very cleveh gel, Patty O’Green sent me these alternate movie posters. The one below made her think of me. Awwww, petrifying. (Kuriositas)
jurassic park.jpeg

You know what’s also petrifying? This list of the world’s craziest sandwiches that The Other Greg sent me. Most of them are novelty, but one of them is just, you know, a regular ol’ item on the KFC menu. (Shortlist)

It’s almost as if the fast food restaurants are trying to kill us…almost. (Unreality)

I’ve heard that Cowboys and Aliens is super terrible and that upsets me. I was really looking forward to it. That being said, at least it inspired Harrison Ford to say, “Daniel Craig is my Wookiee b*tch now!” (Evil Beet)

It’s just a hop, skip and a jump to lightspeed from Wookiee b*tches to Comic-Con. Here is a gallery of The Beautiful People (actors/actresses/etc) who came to Comic-Con last weekend to promote their projects. I played a little game trying to guess which project each group shot/portrait represented. I called it The Incredibly Pathetic Fact Of The Matter Is Joanna Reads Too Much Trade News Game. I’m FABULOUS at it. Also, Emma Stone, with your Jem-a-licious, truly outrageous eye shadow? Call me. (EW)

But we all know the real stars of Comic-Con are the intricately costumed attendees. I’ve already linked a lot of cosplay galleries, I know, but this video (of various geeky fans lip-synching to Lady Gaga) features some of my very favorites including Female Two-Face, Female Hellboy, and an adorable group of Klingons.

Finally, OK Go (aka the only band worthy of “Pop Up Video” these days) has released a new, somewhat ground-breaking music video. If you have Google Chrome, you can visit their site and try out the interactive elements. If not, just kick back and enjoy the song, “All Is Not Lost,” and the smooth moves of the Pilobolus dance troupe.

Joanna Robinson has always been a little concerned by the Whovian title “companion.” Oh, sure, people of all ages and genders have been companions, but it’s heavy on the nubile young women and it all sounds very…bordello-y. However, if there were a bordello called The TARDIS, she would go there all the time. Email! Twitter!

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