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How, Against All Odds And Despite Wonderbread Levels Of Blandness, Is Jessica Biel Still A Thing?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 28, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 28, 2011 |

Listen, I thought I had gotten everything I wanted for Christmas then I saw this Wafflebot from the Harold and Kumar movie. Of these Five Gifts From Holiday Movies, Wafflebot is at the tippy top of my list. (First Showing)

This Fight Club T-shirt might be my new favorite thing about Fight Club. You heard me, Brad Pitt’s Abs. (Shirtoid)

Speaking of other-worldy physiques, an enterprising man is opening up an alien-themed brothel in Nevada. Listen, I’m not a huge fan of brothels myself, but I want to go to there. (GammaSquad)

It’s hard to believe these miniature fantasy photos were taken right here on earth. The marvel’s in the details. (
Laughing Squid

Also jaw-dropping are these 50 Best Photos Of The Natural World. ()
The Big Picture

see horses!!!.jpg

I love this link katers sent me of the 20 Most Iconic Book Covers. In fact I love that cover of “Catcher In The Rye” more than the book itself. (Flavorwire)

And if you feel like wearing your love of books on your sleeve, you can get most of those covers in T-shirt or hoodie form. DO NOT GET THE HOODLESS HIPSTER SWEATSHIRTS. I beg of you. (Out Of Print Clothing)

If Leia had been wearing this revealing Boba Fett costume, the jig would have been up much sooner, methinks. (Fashionably Geek)

Something tells me that last link provides the answer to my Jessica Biel question. It’s her sparkling T and winning A that make up for the lack of personality, yes? Actually, Biel is quite nice, I’ve seen her in action. She’s just…so…BORING on screen. The GFY take us on a sartorial tour of Biel’s career. (
Go Fug Yourself

You know what’s not boring on screen? “Doctor Who.” The Blogess promises it will change your entire world view. (Blogess)

Ah but when it comes to sci-fi TV, no one beats, well, SyFy. Click through to find out which It Girl from the 80’s will star in their next disasterbacle. (Warming Glow)

And, as it turns out, sometimes things are a little more “fy” than “sy.” (DO YOU SEE HOW THOSE ARE NOT WORDS?) The Mary Sue lists five things science got wrong this year. (The Mary Sue)

Finally, our boy Kevin McAllister gets the “Harry Potter” treatment. “Aaaaaahhhh,” indeed, Kevin.

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