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His Eyes Are Up Here! Ryan Reynolds Is More Than The Sum Of His Incredibly Well-Toned Parts

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 17, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 17, 2011 |

You know I want to give you lovin’ spoonfuls of links, my hungry hungry hippos so here’s another edition of It Takes A Village Pajiba Love. It’s the end of the week so kick back, crank up the Rebecca Black and enjoy the best links our readership has to offer. Wait, what’s that Sarah Carlson? Rebecca Black yoinked her video from youtube? NOOOOO!! (LA Times)

Hmmm, well then, my little audiophiles, maybe you should read this excellent piece about how actor Ryan Gosling rescued “You And Me,” the sweet song from the devastating Blue Valentine from obscurity. Thanks, Caspar. (Guardian)

Speaking of Ryans, The Reynoldsy one asks that you not stare directly into his solar plexus. My favorite writer, Mark Lisanti, has a piece about how R Squared would prefer to be known for his more oblique qualities. P.S. This article is picture heavy. Oh, fr-ab-jous day! (The Awl)

That’s rather hard to swallow coming from a man who’s spending the summer clad only in a thin Reynolds Wrap of green CGI, but, okay. Speaking of costumes, check out these “redesigns” Ranting Raven sent my way. Oh, Wonder Woman. PANTS! (Fashionably Geek )

Want an 8-pack like Ryan but are unwilling to give up your drinking habit, my darling dipsomaniacs? Fear not, from the folks who brought you Get Drunk Not Broke, here’s a handy chart of which Adult Beverage packs the most alcoholic punch per calorie. (Get Drunk Not Fat)

That chart is not the most reader friendly. There’s like math, n’ stuff. Can’t we have something easier? Like this Nutrition Label redesign? (GOOD)

To round out this week of “just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water,” I bring you this story of lobsters. Did you know that they essentially live forever and get bloody enormous?. Next time I go a-swimming on the ocean, I’m going to wear these ridiculous gloves. You know, for a speedier getaway. (Firebox)

Don’t think just because you’re on land you’re any safer. Apparently bees (you know, Nature’s Favorite Stabby Thing) have an attitude problem. In the words of b>branded, “The pessimist beees! No, not beeeeeees! My eyedealisms!” (Wired)

Nature’s Favorite Pessimist Thing, Louis CK, gave Slate an excellent interview and makes some interesting points in regards to the Tracy Morgan/homophobia debacle. (Slate)

Gay segue! The UN has passed a ground-breaking resolution related to gay rights. This is where I do a happy dance while also sort of rolling my eyes and saying “About damn time.” I’m complicated. (CNN)

Speaking of politics and complicated, Scully sent me this brilliant article on why the GOP is not at all “conservative” in the traditional sense. It’s a great read. (The Dish)

Refreshingly uncomplicated? These ad campaigns for manly hygiene products. You know, for the downtown area. Unlike with female-centric campaigns, advertisers don’t feel the need to pussy-foot around the subject. And, as Amethyst Anne points out, here are some real products for you gents. Just in time for Father’s Day! (Jezebel)

Just kidding, Dad. I wouldn’t dare. Speaking of Father’s Day, here’s an extensive look at TV Dads throughout the last seven decades. My favorite has to be John Goodman as Dan Connor. (Thanks to David Duchovny, this is mildy NSFW)

Speaking of parenting, do you think Ferris Bueller’s folks totally f*cked up? This video from Dan Carlson of “Ferris Bueller’s Last Day Off” lends some credence to those of you who think that Ferris is kind of a tool.

Watch Terry Gilliam give some fatherly advice to a young girl about what it means to be “derivative.” He works a nice Roland Emmerich burn in. Thanks, Yossarian.

Gilliam cracks me up, but let’s hope he doesn’t ever get too uppity. michaelceratops sent me this delicious FilmDrunk video of film students getting punched in the face. Oh, they so often deserve it.

Joanna Robinson hopes that’s enough for you to chew on my ravenous, ravenous river horses. Happy Father’s Day to all the pops and grandpops out there! May your offspring be quiet and your ties loud.

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