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Hey, Guess What, Delightfully Geeky SEO? BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!

By Courtney Enlow | Pajiba Love | July 31, 2013 |

By Courtney Enlow | Pajiba Love | July 31, 2013 |

I’ve never shipped a BFFship quite like I ship Matt Damon and His Royal Cumberbatchness. (Vulture)

Speaking of The ‘Batch, science says he’s a “sex god.” It has been officially determined. By science. (Videogum)

For an alternate opinion to Cindy’s piece , Dustin writes a glowing character study of Breaking Bad’s Skyler White. (WG)

Look. Face swaps, as a rule, are ridiculous, terrifying things. But these Disney ones? My whole youth is crying. (Unreality)

The Mary Sue is mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore. Their investigation of the existence of a Comic Con harassment policy is enlightening and maddening. (The Mary Sue)

Okay, I’m putting this out there right now: people who diet all the time and eat nothing but kale and air are THE WORST, especially when they pretend it’s not about weight loss, it’s about health, because they’re liars. Eat a fucking cookie and shut up about your detox because no one cares and your Pinterest boards are obnoxious. So, when you read about Jennifer Aniston’s stripper diet for We’re the Millers and how she got to have a whole kale chip on a cheat day one time, don’t try to adopt this as your latest attempt to lose three pounds, Regina George, because then you too will be THE WORST. (Celebitchy)

Here’s 12 Celebrity Inspired Sex Acts “We Can’t Recommend.” Why not? Everyone should be doing the Joss “R” Whedon. (Cracked)

Apropos of nothing else, but I saw this on the website of a cute tea cafe in St. Louis while hunting for a post-bachelorette party brunch spot, and I thought I’d share it. I love this so much I will give them all my business at all times. For it is ordained by the Caine. (The London Tea Room)

SWINTON. (Go Fug Yourself)

Real former Romney aides are unhappy with Aaron Sorkin’s fictional “The Newsroom.” (Uproxx)

So, let’s say you need to dispose of a body. As is your want. Would a woodchipper really work? Film School Rejects examines. (FSR)

I want to build a home gallery just for this Sharknado tribute art. (Mental Floss)

Finally, the world lost Eileen Brennan yesterday. In her honor…

And, for good measure:

"American Hustle" Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Cooper, and Christian Bale Reach for that Sweet, Sweet 70's Oscar Gold | Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones Are Leaving "Parks and Recreation"