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Helena Bonham Carter Continues Her Campaign To Batsh*t Her Way Into My Heart

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 7, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 7, 2011 |

Many thanks to Dustin for covering the P. Love beat while I was off applying to the Werner Herzog School of Film. You can too! (IndieWire)

This phenomenal tumblr ought to have you cringing in your cubes, ducking at your desks and cowering in the conference room. It’s the gaping maw of nature, and it’s coming to get you, Barbara. (Nature Wants To Eat You)

You can listen to the Childish Gambino (a.k.a. “Community“‘s Donald Glover) for freesies over at NPR. I’m sorry, he’s funnier AND sexier than Alison Brie. YOU HEARD ME. (NPR)

Check out the inventive James Hance’s Lost Boys/Peter Pan mash-up. Wendy Darling’s looking pretty fly. (James Hance Geek Tyrant)

The “Consider” campaigns have started in earnest. (You remember Melissa Leo’s, right?) Nathaniel from TFE takes you through the Harry Potter “Consider” booklet he just received. It’s deliciously over the top. (TheFilmExperience)

Speaking of deliciously over the top, here’s the first look at Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham in Great Expectations. With apologies to Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucy Honeychurch, this was clearly the role HBC was born to play. (Cinema Blend)

I delighted in these Dia De Los Muertos Star Wars paintings. (Etsy)

Speaking of honoring the dead, Chuck Klosterman has an unusual tribute to Andy Rooney over on Grantland. Rooney passed away at the age of 92. That’s roughly 48,387,286.5 minutes. (Grantland)

The Other Greg sent me this very thorough examination of 13 Film Poster trends. They missed my favorite…the face-off. (Oh No They Didn’t)

But a key player in that Film Poster article is the scowling, glowering face of Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s a chart of the complete gamut of DiCapriomotions. (Uproxx)

The talented Joel Walden has put together a supercut of Tarantino movies. It’s a pop homage to the master of pop homages.

Finally, advertising can be supremely confusing. I’m not sure what’s being sold here. Chocolate? The Olympics? Patriotism? Whatever it is, I’m buying.

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