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Has Johnny Depp Officially Given Up On Trying to Be a Presentable Human?

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | April 21, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | April 21, 2015 |

Jared Leto tried to hide his bright green Joker hair under a camouflage hat and yes, good job, Jared. You totally blend in with all your surroundings now. (Lainey)

Reese Witherspoon went for the human disco ball look and actually nailed it. (GoFugYourself)

I know we all thought these two crazy kids were gonna make it, so I’m sorry to tell you that Miley Cyrus and that Schwarzenegger boy have consciously uncoupled from each other. Sad day for all of us, I know. (Superficial)

But where one love ends, another can begin. Helen Mirren says she’s a little in love with Vin Diesel and I KNOW you ship this as hard as I do, right? (People)

Jason Sudeikis says he never got closure after leaving SNL. He also says life is like a Monet, and it sounds like Sudeikis just has a lot of feelings. (Uproxx)

Rumors have been going around that Johnny Depp is not doing too well and that he and Amber Heard are having troubles. I think this photo op of the two of them together was supposed to combat that, but when you show up with your busted hand wrapped up in a decorative scarf and your shirt is being held together with a single safety pin, it doesn’t exactly scream “doing fine.” (Yahoo)

Sofia Vergara’s ex continues his very loud and public campaign to get the embryos they made together because “life begins at fertilization.” He also says some VERY weird things that essentially boil down to how if a man actually by some miracle wants to be a father, we should all thank our lucky stars and lock that shit down post-haste. (Celebitchy)

An original first draft of The Breakfast Club screenplay was found in a filing cabinet in an Illinois high school. The person who found it must have immediately died of a happiness heart attack, right? I can’t imagine that going any other way. (Chicago Tribune)

Clark Gregg is a Tina Belcher superfan and has the Twitter avatar to prove it. (Mary Sue)

People are trying to sell defunct Star Destroyers on Craigslist, which is awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the VERY SERIOUS Buyer Beware responses. (Daily Dot)

Toni Morrison shares what it would take for her to believe racism is over. And we can all look past the strange wording and know that she’s not actually advocating anyone getting shot or raped, right? Okay, good. (Mediaite)

Sophia enjoyed war photographer Lynsey Addario’s memoir more than she expected. What struck her most was Addario’s dedication to her job, giving up stability and comfort to follow wherever violence and suffering led her. Quoting Addario: "But when I am doing my work, I am alive and I am me. It’s what I do. I am sure there are other versions of happiness, but this one is mine." (Cannonball Read 7)

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