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Harrison Ford Joins Ender's Game. Maybe A New Franchise Will Convince Him To Hang Up The Whip For Good.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 22, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 22, 2011 |

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens this week so you, my little swedish meatballs, now have a third chance to witness Lizbeth Salander brutally kick *ss. If you can’t make it to the cinema, MovieLine has “Nine Other Movie Heroines Not To F*ck With.” Ah yes, including the lovely Melanie Laurent who many of you missed on yesterday’s Hot Jew Post.. Au Revoir, Shoshanna! (MovieLine)

The clever Scott C., who has been delighting me all year with his Great Showdowns blog, is rounding out 2011 with his second series of Holiday Showdowns. Here’s my favorite to date. (Great Showdowns)

Speaking of cuddly drawings, check out the “Game of Thrones” House Animals drawn all adorable-like. Aww, that dire wolf just wants to snuggle! (Unreality)

The “Parks and Recreation” crew get the Sunday Morning Cartoon treatment and some fare better than others. On the one hand, Leslie looks like she’d murder you for a NutriYum bar. On the other hand, Ron looks great. Ben? Perfection. (Uproxx)

Speaking of “Parks and Recreation,” um, hunks? Heartthrobs? Braincrushes? Anyway, the lovely Louis CK has now made a million bucks off that show he made available for purchase. You can still buy it here. And what did he do? OH HE JUST DONATED A HUGE CHUNK OF IT TO CHARITY. Seriously, buy this man’s show. He’s the best. (Splitsider)

Speaking of superheroes, here is every (significant) version of Batman’s suit. Um, things got a little fabulous in 2009. Wow. (Screen Rant)

There is a thrilling little rumor a-buzzing that Helen Mirren is interested in playing The Doctor. As in “that person Joanna and the other geeks talk about a lot but I can’t be arsed to watch the show, I’m moving on to the next link.” You know, as much as I adore Mirren and would love to see her in a well-written TV role again, I don’t think she’s weird enough to play The Doctor. If we’re going with an older lady, I’d like to see someone like Joanna Lumley or Jennifer Saunders. Geronimo, sweetie darlings. (Nerd Approved)

Speaking of casting, the Ender’s Game film is just about set. Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin join Asa Butterfield (Hugo) as Ender and Hailee Steinfeld as Petra. Man I really wanted Steinfeld for The Hunger Games, but this’ll do. (The Mary Sue)

This USS Enterprise made of Christmas lights is, um, a bold statement. (Geekologie)

Speaking of Trek things, Mrs. Julien sent me this fabulous blog wherein some feller is attempting to grow every type of facial hair, including something called “The Federation Standard.” However, my favorite has to be the Dali. (The Quest For Every Beard Type)

Okay, chick who made some headphones out of Leia buns, a) Princess Vespa has you beat by 20+ years, b) you are supremely annoying c) um, nice legs. Seriously, those are some good gams. (Jacquie Long Legs)

I am going to miss Ron Paul so much when he doesn’t get the nomination. (Political Ticker)

Well, see, there’s Ron Paul Crazy and then there’s Russian Burger King Commercial Crazy. I don’t know which I prefer, but I do know I haven’t been this petrified of food since that horrifying sequence in Young Sherlock Holmes. This video comes courtesy of that funny dude who writes for Warming Glow.

Finally, I consider this a PSA. Siri is an absolute abomination. She autocorrects things that NEED NO CORRECTION. Siri, you b*tch, I hope you get your comeuppance.

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