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Happy St. Patrick's Day, Cillian Murphy. Kiss Me, You're Irish. That's How The Saying Goes, Right?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 17, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 17, 2011 |

Oh my brimming pints of Guinness and steaming plates of cabbage, today is one of the Link Wench’s favorite holidays. Not for the drinking and the green and the pinching (which is nice) but for the attention my people get. MY PEOPLE. Oh yes, I’m Irish. How Irish? Well, not Paddydog Irish, but I can dance both a jig and a reel, have been to my share of feisanna, and know a thing or two about shillelagh law. So, in short, accede to my depraved carnal requests, I’m Irish enough. (Custom Ink)

And we Irish know that sometimes a pint of plain is your only man. That is to say, drink down that Guinness, friends. Here’s a filthy tip on how to keep a good head on your stout. (io9)

But if you’re not drinking out of a glass (or jar-o) today, here are some schmancy labels you can print out for your Harp or even Budweiser bottles. (The Dieline)

Listen, now, I should tell you, not all Irishmen and women will be drinking whiskey and beer today. That’s a downright shameful stereotype. Some of us prefer to snack on our whiskey and beer, so don’t be so rude about it. (Brown Eyed Baker)

You don’t have to be from Kilkenny or Cork to ogle this round-up of good-looking Irish actors (and one only okay-looking Irish singer). Before you panic, yes yes yes being half-Irish counts. FASSSSSBENDER! You’ll tell me when that gets annoying, won’t you? (Celebitchy)

As for the lasses, well, there aren’t that many popular Irish actresses, are there? The Film Experience has some lovely shots of the beautiful Maureen O’Hara you can drool over, but the only other very famous name on their list is 17-year old Saoirse Ronan. (Okay, maybe not very, but wait until Hanna comes out.) At seventeen, she’s too young to ogle, but we at Pajiba promise to objectify with the best of them once she’s of age. (The Film Experience)

And Now For Something Completely Different.

That’s all the Irish news that’s fit to print, so let’s shake clean the Etch-A-Sketches of our minds with this neat photo essay of water acting as fire. (Bored Stop)

So, do you have a Costco where you live? You know, the place where you go to get jumbo bottles of shampoo, 50-roll packs of toilet paper and wedding dresses. Wedding dresses? Oh yes. Do you think they’ll have changing rooms or are the blushing brides just meant to shimmy on the dress of their dreams behind a stacked pyramid of giants pickle jars? (Kirstie Kelly)

Pop Chart Lab wins over our hearts and minds forever by neglecting to include The Biebs in this Notable Haircuts In Popular Music poster. At least, I think they neglected to. I looked pretty hard, you guys, but got distracted by the inclusion of Kid. KID! (PopChartLab)

The poster did, however, forget to include Marge Simpson. What do you MEAN “The Simpsons” aren’t part of Popular Music? You know The Monorail Song, right? Ugh, heathens. Check out this sweet medley of Simpsons songs and then report back. (The Warming Glow)

Actor Michael Gough, best known for portraying Alfred in the 90s Batman films, passed away today. Slash Film has a nice tribute. (Slash)

And I’m going to leave you today, my Kildaring ones, with some “Irish” music. This song, by the band Ceann, is a fantastic one to sing today if you’re not actually truly completely Irish (that’s me!). Forgive them the part where they call Colin Farrell a “marginal actor, at best.” The song came out before the In Bruges-inspired Colinaissance. Also, Paddydog, these lyrics are for you: “I learned something from an Irish girl, She came to our second show, That when an Irish girl has something to say, She’s gonna let you know.”

And, what, what’s this? Is the Link Wench closing out a St. Patrick’s Day Pajiba Love with Ti-ballixing-tanic? Yes, yes I am. a) Who doesn’t like to watch a redheaded Kate Winslet down a pint and kick up her heels? 2) This scene features one of my favorite Irish bands, Gaelic Storm. iii) The movie is so bad, but sometimes I can’t look away. D) What is up with that time stamp, youtuber? Very distracting.

Joanna Robinson is about as Irish as her coffee. So…very. How Irish are you? Let her know here: [email protected] or follow her @quityourJRob.

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