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Guess Which Sparkly Thing Was The Top-Earning Musical Act In 2011

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 12, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 12, 2012 |

I suppose I shouldn’t be all Kanye about Taylor Swift’s success. It could most definitely be worse. It could be GOOP. But between Unicorn Glitter Princess there and the Cullens I’ve have quite enough sparkle in my life, thank you very much. (Celebitchy)

From the gritty world of anti-sparkle, some asshats at SXSW have turned homeless people into wandering wi-fi hubs. Because that’s not demeaning at all. (MovieLine)

Some chappie has elected to get Christopher Walken tattooed on his inner thigh because of course he did. (Unique Daily)

The lads at FSR have selected their favorite posters from the Mondo Gallery opening in Austin. I have to go with this Blade Runner print. (Film School Rejects)

Then again, that was before I saw this Vengeance Trilogy poster triptych. (F*ck Yeah Movie Posters)

Yeah, dude, why are there no lady voices in movie trailers? (BBC)

Jon Hamm has some ungentlemanly things to say about the Kardashians. Siiiiiigh, stars, they’re just like us! (Warming Glow)

You like brackets? You like “Game of Thrones”? Kick it over here to play the “Game of Thrones” Best of the Westeros tournament. (Screenjunkies)

If your heart doesn’t melt at these Winnie The Pooh/Avengers scenes then, well, YOU HAVE NO HEART. Silly old Hulk. (Nerd Approved)

What’s the most disgusting foodstuff you could put in a donut? Did you say pork? YOU WIN! (Laughing Squid)

I find these dew-covered insects endlessly fascinating. But, then again, I’ve lived with entomologists so I may have a different definition of “fascinating.” (Ondrej Pakan)

Unreality has 15 of The Most Baffling Movie Titles. I really think they could have started and ended the list with Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers: They Charge An Arm And A Leg! (Unreality)

Javier Bardem has gone blond for the new Bond film. Did he learn NOTHING from the Lohan? Spoiler alert: Daniel Craig looks very nice in a suit. (Celebitchy)

According to Sigourney Weaver, there is an R-rated cut of Galaxy Quest that involves a lot more sex and swearing. I think you all know what Grabthar’s hammer is…
(Slice of Sci FI)

Stephen Wildish, who provided us with those fun decade/alphabet movie posters, has two new designs to entertain you this Monday afternoon: Horror Film Alphabet and Sci-Fi Film Alphabet.

If I were a fair and even-minded person, I would mock these Hunger Games fans as much as I did the Twilight idiots. But, for some (completely biased reason) my heart is with the 400 folks who are already in line for the film premiere. (LAT)

I’m sorry, this video of Prince Charles and Lady Di trying to make nice with Ludo from The Labyrinth is f*cking delightful and reminded me of this Eddie Izzard bit. (via io9)

Finally, Gene Wilder remix? Yes please. I SAID GOOD DAY SIR.

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