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Groot Is Dead

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | February 27, 2018 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | February 27, 2018 |


Black Hollywood came out to support A Wrinkle in Time’s L.A. premiere last night. I want to name check everyone because holy shit, look at how beautiful everyone looks! LOOK AT THEM! Ava and Tessa and ANGELA EMMEREFFING BASSETT and Mindy and Tracee and Ryan Coogler and LOOK AT THEM! - (Lainey)

Groot is dead. I’m sorry.

And no: I’m sorry. All your arguments to the contrary are wrong.

It’s time for the new Peeps Mystery Flavors! Spoilers maybe? - (IB)

Chicago West made her debut on SnapChat. No one panic, she’s not actually a mouse. The youths tell me it’s a filter and all the kids are doing it, even 6-week-olds. - (Celebitchy)

Now that Birthday Girl Courtney is basically BFFs with the McElroys, she gets to do podcasts, cruise ships, and maybe spa days with them? But back in 2017, she had never spoken to the funny good boys of My Brother, My Brother and Me before, so interviewing them about their D&D podcast, Adventure Zone, was a dream come true. - (

I never really imagined that A Royal Wedding (capitalized) would also be A Fun Wedding, but now? If the Spice Girls are going AND PERFORMING AT THE RECEPTION!?! - (Dlisted)

The Doomsday Seed Vault in Norway needs nearly $13M worth of updates due to the melting of the permafrost and other issues related to climate change and additional service buildings and tunnels. - (Mental Floss)

D&G had drones carrying purses on the runway. I don’t want one of the purses, I want one of the drones! - (GFY)

Do you remember Fox News’s claim last week that CNN scripted questions and answers for the Parkland students during the televised Town Hall and “they had the proof”? And CNN was all, “You’re full of shit and we have the proof!” They were both kinda right (but Fox is usually full of shit) - (DailyBeast)

Also, while you’re remembering things, remember when Ben Carson said he didn’t want poor people to get too comfortable in their subsidized housing, so they wouldn’t want to just stay there? I guess it’s totes ok, though, for Dr. Carson to spend $31k on a dining room, at the taxpayer’s expense. That’s different, right? Fool. - (Raw Story)

While we’re talking about dicks, this guy injected stem-cells into his to try to make it bigger. - (Gizmodo)

LittlePlat is pissed off that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was only ever charged with mail fraud after leading a cult that stole babies and abused them in an effort to raise a master race. The story of this cult, Chris Johnston and Rosie Jones’ The Family: The Shocking True Story of a Notorious Cult, is a densely told tale, perfect for those interested in true crime and cults. What was the last book that really made you mad? (Cannonball Read 10)

Tomorrow I will turn 48 years old. Reading over this list of Things Parents Used to Do made me CACKLE! Mostly because my dad did at least half of them and I turned out FINE. Mostly. - (Buzzfeed)

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