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Gorgeous, 25 Year Old, Wrinkle-Free Jennifer Lawrence Says She's 'Aging Like a President'

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | November 2, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | November 2, 2015 |

Let’s start off our new week/month/countdown to next Halloween with one of my favorite activities: ogling/judging celebrities’ costumes. (Go Fug Yourself)

My second favorite past time? Analyzing and ranking the sex lives of fictional TV teenagers. (Vulture)

Here are a bunch of cool callbacks from last night’s (if AngryTwitter is to be believed) otherwise underwhelming Walking Dead episode. (Uproxx)

Jennifer Lawrence says she’s “aging like a president” because of her stress and schedule. The rate at which she’s putting out movies is INSANE, and yes, I’m sure that’s taking a very real toll, but I still think the only possible reaction is an urge to lovingly and scornfully pat her on her gorgeous, wrinkle-free, 25-year-old blonde head. (Vanity Fair)

People got so excited about last night’s Preacher trailer, Amazon (temporarily) sold out of the paperback copy of book one of the graphic novel, has almost sold out of hardcover, and has launched the book into the site’s top ten bestsellers. The Walking Dead is at the top of that list, which means AMC is not only airing great adaptations, but is responsible for a whole bunch of book readers. (Bleeding Cool)

Once you’ve worked your way through Preacher, this graphic novel seems right up Pajiba Alley: a fantastical reimagining of the life of William Blake. (Kickstarter)

The next season of Serial (give us a release date, please!) will air simultaneously on Pandora. I was surprised to learn that WAY more people listen to Pandora than to podcasts, but then again I live in a pop-culture bubble of my own creation, and am perfectly content to forget there are other people in the world who don’t share my exact interests. It’s how I prefer it. (Verge)

Speaking of my exact interests, I feel like we’re not talking about Trumbo enough. Let’s fix that.

Living in a tourist-heavy city and having travelled to a lot of other like cities (and being an unapologetic Disneyland lover), I wonder this all the time: how many strangers’ photo albums have I ended up in? It’s a thought that fascinates and disturbs me, and I spend more time wondering this than is necessary. (Atlantic)

Agreed, we NEED to take a moment to talk about our collective Hamilton crush. (BuzzFeed)

Back to Halloween costumes for a minute, I’m not going to say LeBron James “won” the night, but he definitely committed to his Prince costume. Committed in the form of some Purple Rain. (DListed)

Aww, Jennifer Aniston’s Hallowen costume may have actually been lazier than Hugh Grant’s. I didn’t think that was possible. (Celebitchy)

Joan Rivers once told her daughter, "…when it comes to work, pretend you’re a hooker during Fleet Week: Say ‘Yes’ to Everything." So it’s no surprise that when Melissa Rivers was offered (at her mother’s funeral) the chance to write about her mother in time for a Mother’s Day release, she said "Yes." Caitlin_D reviews this "memoir-ography" and gives it four stars. (Cannonball Read 7)

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