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Good Lord, Cate Blanchett. GOOD LORD

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 16, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 16, 2017 |

There’s a lot of business going on with Stephen Bannon tonight, but you know what? It can wait until morning. Dustin will cover it then. I cannot deal. For now, let’s put the week’s politics aside and just enjoy this GIF of Cate Blanchett, OK (Thanks, Chris Evangelista):

I haven’t seen Girls Trip (which I’m just NOW getting has two meanings - ahhh, word play!), but I’ve become enamored of Tiffany Haddish. I’ve watched some of her stand-up on YouTube and watched her tell the Jada Groupon story more than once. I adore her! She has a Showtime special coming up on Friday called She Ready! From the Hood to Hollywood. - (Lainey)

Canada seems more and more like a magical land. Now there are diamond rings popping up on carrots in gardens (basically). - (The Guardian)

IKEA wants to help you make your own Jon Snow cape. - (Bored Panda)

Mel B… I don’t even know what she’s wearing. It looks kind of like a bedazzled speedskating unitard. I don’t know. I like her haircut, though. - (GFY)

Jury selection transcript from Martin Shkreli’s trial. You guys, I have no idea if this is real or a parody. I don’t know, because for really real, it could absolutely go either way. (Wu-Tang 4 Life!) - (Harper’s)

Dolly Parton is releasing a children’s album and I will buy it and listen to it and love it for the gift that it is! Praise be Dolly P.! - (Dlisted)

This screams ITCHY to me, but hey, knock yourself out if you’re feeling like glittering your pits. - (Revelist)

Have any of you tried the new Coke Zero Sugar? After reading this, I might give it a try. I don’t know, though. I might also just switch to Diet Barqs all the time. (Really tough decisions going on at the Bobainey household) - (GQ)

President Obama’s tweet about racism is the most “liked” tweet in Twitter’s history. Dear god, how did we go from that amazing man to the thing we have now? - (Celebitchy)

Borisanne cried a lot while reading The Dark Tower. Stephen King "gave us Susannah and Eddie back in Book 2, and Jake and Oy in Book 3. He gave them to us to give us permission to feel our way through this quest." King knows his strengths as a writer, and they are all on display in the final book of The Dark Tower series. Are there other series that get better as they go? (Cannonball Read 9)

Finally, this is a month old, but I don’t care. It’s amazing. Here are some Alex Jones rants as a Bon Iver song. It’s perfection (thanks Jim F.!)

Review: Netflix's 'Atypical,' Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rapaport, and Keir Gilchrist | Morning Briefing: Steve Bannon Basically Calls Trump a Blustering Idiot

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