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Golden Globes Air in January

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 17, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 17, 2011 |

Nothing follows the delicious sassy cocktail that was Courtney Enlow’s live Golden Globes blog like the bitter and bitchy cup of coffee that is the morning after Go Fug Yourself Red Carpet Round-Up. There’s a Jennifer Lopez post, lovers. My day, she is complete. (Go Fug Yourself)

Despite the prevalence of shoulder pads and shiny fabric, none of the ladies last night hold a candle to this photographer’s 91-year-old grandmother whom he dressed and posed as a superhero. Look on Mamika, ye mighty, and despair. (Geek Tyrant)

Japanese scientists are taking the first steps towards cloning and resurrecting the long-extinct Woolly Mammoth. Does that mean I’m that much closer to a rack of ribs so epic it will tip my car over? YABBA DABBA-oh, that’s how they became extinct in the first place? Gotcha. My bad. (Yahoo)

My lovelies, my children of the corn, I don’t know most of you personally, but I envision you to be a dapper sort. Why not extend the same attention to your facial hair* as you do to your threads? (*Ladies and pre-pubescents excluded.) These photos are the beardiest. (NPR)

I’m hearing a lot of griping from you inhabitants of snowier climes about the shoveling and the defrosting that makes going to the corner store for essentials (vodka and movies) a huge chore. All I’m saying is, it could be worse. (Imgur)

This poster, designed with The King’s Speech in mind, made me snicker out loud. (SOL, you guys!!!) Had they included some of the profanity from the film, I might have genuinely laughed out loud. (I’ll refrain, D. Rowles, for you.) Just in case you are ignorant of British history or retro hipster chicitude, the design is based on this classic poster. (Drink At Work)

Ok, comic book and “Community” fans, the internet has made your dearest wish come true. Behold, your friendly neighborhood Gloverman. (The Daily What)

Check out the credit one of the Coen kids requested for his work on True Grit. Listen, sport, you’re not allowed to be adorable and have Frances McDormand as an aunt. That’s just unfair. (Moviefone)

When I was younger, I used to hear thumps and expletives from upstairs as my dad watched various sporting events. We never watched with him, possibly because of the yelling and hitting, but I imagine, were he able to text us his feelings, it would look something like this. (When Parents Text)

I don’t read enough (any) comic books to know if this is funny and cool, but it seems like it might maybe be. Is it cool, X-Men fans? If it’s cool, you’re welcome, if it’s lame, go look at Mamika again. Mamika was undeniably cool. (io9)

Because it’s MLK day (and Dustin stole my Tomei hula hoop clip), I spent some time looking at inspirational speeches to close out today’s P. Love. Then I remembered this slightly dusty gem of ALL the inspirational speeches. Soak it in and then go do something worthy.

But, truth be told, it’s all a bit of hackery compared to the man himself. So here he is, MLK, with a bit of rhetoric that gets even your godless Link Wench all hepped up.

Joanna Robinson is judging you not by the color of your skin but by what you’re wearing, and she thinks that’s progress. If you object to her smugly recycling jokes from her facebook page, you can tell her so here: [email protected]

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