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Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 24, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 24, 2011 |

Haven’t I been a good Link Wench to you? Don’t you think I deserve nice things? Then why haven’t any of you sent me a Silverback Gorilla Bling of my very own? What’s a girl gotta do? Don’t answer that. (The Awl)

You guys, it’s typography topography!!!! In my mind, this map means we’re that much closer to living inside the world of “The Phantom Tollbooth.” I’m packing my bags for Dictionopolis…right. . .now. (Axis Map)

Conan and Andy Richter have nothing on Thomas Edison when it comes to prognosticatin’. Check out his predictions for the year 2011. It’s oddly metallic and I don’t mean GWAR. (io9)

My sweet shrinking violets, don’t do as I did and shout and clutch your pearls when you first look at this website. It’s worth a scroll down, I promise you. Mildly NSFW if you work in a church or something. (Digital Bus Stop)

While these images of Olympic athletes in their skivvies pale in comparison to those photos of World Cup players in their flag undies, they are ideal if you want to play the game, “How stoned is Jonny Moseley?” And you do, friends, you do. (Nina Matsumoto)

How great is this bacon manger? According to Ron Swanson, it’s level six great. The clever incorporation of sausage might ramp it up to a five, but only Ron can say. (Jesus of the Week)

Hey, look, it’s mother nature! She’s creepier than a Stephenie Meyer book! Well, except for that last book. That last book was ridiculous. (Discover Magazine)

If I go ahead and get that Sharktopus tattoo on my bum, I’m going to need something to cuddle. What? Everyone knows that cuddling eases pain. It’s science. (Suzannah Ashley)

Here’s another treasure that’s new to me but possibly not to you. This video shows some of the digital magic behind the creation of 2010’s greatest cinematic monster, The Dreaded Winklevii. (Sony Pictures)

My darling little wolf pack, I did you a disservice last week by not linking to this story of how the music of Creed saved a Norwegian boy’s life. I didn’t post this story because I, myself, am all out of bile for Scott Stapp and his leather-panted hijinks. But I forget about you, dear Pajibans, for whom the river of disdain never runs dry. (Sly Oyster)

Sometimes I look at the programming that kids today watch and I sort of scratch my head in puzzlement. What do you mean a kitchen sponge lives under the sea? What kind of crack monkeys write “Adventure Time”? How are Pokemon still popular?! Then I remember that I used to follow the adventures of pizza-loving mutant turtles…who were ninjas? And named for famous Italian artists? And loved pizza?!? And lived in the sewer? And did I mention the pizza? Anyway, check out this neat-o short film of an updated vision of the TMNT. Heroes in a half shell! Fight the foot!

And just in case the title of today’s P. Love got a certain Vanilla jam stuck in your head, here’s the video to help exercise the demon. ENOUGH WITH THE PELVIS, ICE.

Joanna Robinson is gonna rock and roll this place with the power of the ninja turtle bass. If you know the secret of the ooze, won’t you please send it to [email protected]

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