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Gillian Jacobs As Catwoman? Meow.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 2, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 2, 2012 |

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we Pajiba writers have a certain cheesecake quota to fill. But just so you know, gentle readers, this is the header photo I wanted to use.

In order to stoke your ardor for the March 15th return of “Community” (woooo!), Dustin has posted this rather clever version of The Dark Knight Rises trailer starring your favorite Greendale classmates. I could watch Gillian Jacobs whisper sexy threats all day. (Warming Glow)

And if you’re not a fan of cheesecake, here’s some beefcake for your Friday afternoon. A scruffy Taylor Kitsch at the premiere of John Carter. Cake for everyone! Cake forever! (Celebitchy)

Speaking of Canadians, here’s a delightful ode to one of my favorite sports film cliches: The Hockey Hooligan. I support any and all internet love for the great Mystery, Alaska. Goon looks like toothless fun and who can argue with the #1-3 pick? (FSR)

Somebody get the Valium ready for Kristen Bell, here’s footage of a bunch of baby sloths. Spoiler alert, THEY GET SWADDLED. (Laughing Squid)

In case you hadn’t heard, the magnificent Jessica Lange is officially returning for the second season of “American Horror Story.” (LAT)

I didn’t mention Andrew Breitbart’s passing yesterday because I don’t like to speak ill of the dead. (This, though…blech.) However, I have no such compunction about the living. So, Rush Limbaugh, for this recent bout of reprehensible behavior towards women, I would ask you to kindly munch all the f*cks. (The Atlantic)

Something I never noticed about Aladdin. Stay classy, Disney. (Reddit)

Let’s have a heartwarming story instead, shall we? In order to foster his young daughter’s interests, this single dad is trying to learn everything he can about comic books. AWWWWWWWWW, GENDER ROLE REVERSALS ARE CUTE. (The Mary Sue)

Speaking of comics and gender swaps, I know these “superhero in female attire” drawings are all the rage, but I hadn’t seen this particular set yet. And, well, holy exposed thigh, Batman. (CBR)

Aaaaand, we’re back to Batman. Check out Darren Aronofsky eccentric idea for who should have played The Caped Crusader. They wouldn’t have had to artificially rasp his voice one bit! (GammaSquad)

Hey, Pajibans, you can vote for Smithsonian magazine’s 9th Annual Photo Contest today! There is, of course, a clear winner and your tentacular Pajoverlords demand that after you gawk at the other finalists, you vote for the photo below. (Colossal)

Someone has written a Shakespearean version of Pulp Fiction entitled “Bard Fiction” and I also demand you check it out. I said click the link. English, base knave, dost thou speak it? (Uproxx)

Dick Clark’s weirdly pre-historic looking Malibu home is for sale. Listen, Dick, this won’t help dispel the rumors that you predate the fossil record. (Trulia)

The Lorax is being lambasted by critics (Bedhead will have her review up tomorrow), but since it is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, I suggest you work one of his coined words into ordinary conversation today. (Wordnik)

For a cartoon we can get behind, take a look at this great time lapse of what The Simpsons would look like if they had been allowed to grow up. Oh, Lisa Simpson’s experimental years, how I wish I could have seen that. (Buzzfeed)

Finally, the best thing I’ve seen on the internets this week. Gleefully snatched from
The AV Club, this is for the Sherlockians, the Whovians, the musical nerds and me.

Joanna Robinson introduced that video to her mom. That’s how much she wants to marry it.

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